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Monday, December 24, 2007

Tis the season to be Targeted.

Tis the season to be Targeted.

Ok let's go over some of the holiday cheer that we can all expect this holiday season.
*Electronic harassment anyone? Let's gather around the Christmas tree, pull up a nice glass of eggnog and get ready to be fried remotely.

Ok maybe not. Seriously I have been thinking about this a lot. I am really tired of the days that I forget to try and sheild. I was fried a lot last night and it just makes me wonder how much damage is getting done remotely? I try not to think about it too much, cause not too much I can do except to sheild better. I have heard of physical damage over time that other targets have experienced and I really really wonder what's happening on the inside. (It's been about a year and six months now, since my e-harassment started.)

*Mobbing. Ok still dealing with the workplace stuff. I am down to primarily gossip and slander, and the sheeple freaking themselves out when they think I am going to go ape about a new bit of gossip or slander. (See I could care less about gossip and slander, but I know you can't ignore it. If you will remember, some false gossip that stated about many years ago that I was not aware of initially, just kept going and going and has followed me consistantaly. Causing many problems and unnessacary harassment.)

I am convinced that the sheeple really belong together. I really feel sorry for the people in this world that are not like them. The chances of meeting someone, mating and being happy are almost none existant. I think a lot of real targets come to this realisation, and have to make real choices about how they are going to live their lives. (Damned if you do, damned if you don't.) Even none targets who see the system for what it is have to come to a choice, about how they are going to live their lives.

As far as the workplace stuff is concerned, my main concern now is dealing with a P.A.M. at work. That's a Passive-Aggressive Manipulator. They lie a lot and are considered dangerous. P.A.M.'s can litterally lie so convincingly that they convience others of reality. As one person put it, they could come along and say that the blue sky is pink, and people would believe them. I don't know if this just makes people stupid, or P.A.M's really good liers, and I don't care.
P.A.M.'a are about power and control, and they are likely to become dangerous when their lies and manipulations are exposed. I have encountered P.A.M.'s before, but never at close range, and never focused on me. It's a good learning experience.

Here is an example of a P.A.M. The target will say something like. I don't use drugs. The P.A.M. will invent some tail about the target using, snorting, shooting drugs. Then everyone will isolate the target, or mistreat, or just further slander the target in the same way. The target may or may not know what is being said, and has very limited ways to defend themselves. I will give you some links later for P.A.M.'s.

The problem with this is ofcouse in a workplace environment is that people move around change jobs, and they carry the lies to other places, and before you know it you are a druggy, and only God could clear you name. These people are stupid and dangerous. The above is an example only and does not exactly reflect my own situation or specific slander.

*GangStalking. Well I am still being followed around the city by the snitches. They really give me reasons to believe that humanity is just lost. I really don't have hope for humanity, and I do think that humans are that stupid, immoral and hopeless. Not all, just most.

I long for moments to be alone and just meditate, pray, whatever. I can remember a lifetime of silent moments before this happened, I so took them for granted. This is so violating, mentally, spiritaully, emotionally, and even to a physical degree, cause they do try to get up in your physical space.

The sheep really are crazy and stupid and they will believe anything. It's like that example that happened in that aritlce.

[quote]SEOUL: Kim Myong Jae's estranged girlfriend was found dead in her room in Seoul on April 22 last year, six days after she poisoned herself.

Two weeks later, Kim, a 30-year-old accountant, found that he had been transformed into the No. 1 hate figure of South Korea's Internet community, a victim of a growing problem in a country that boasts the world's highest rate of broadband use.

First, death threats and vicious text messages flooded his cellphone. Meanwhile, spreading fast through blogs and Web portals were rumors that Kim had jilted his girlfriend after forcing her to abort his baby, that he had assaulted her and her mother, and that his abuse had finally driven her to suicide.

"By the time I found out the source of this outrage, it was too late. My name, address, photographs, telephone numbers were all over the Internet," Kim said. "Tens of thousands of people were busy sharing my identity and discussing how to punish me. My name was the most-searched phrase at portals." News reports and portals confirmed that his name was at the top of such lists.

The allegations against Kim were first posted on his former girlfriend's home page after her death and quickly spread in various versions. Kim vehemently denies the allegations, and the police later said they could not substantiate them.

Web users took the matter into their own hands.They bombarded Kim's employer, the food and beverage company Doosan, with so many calls demanding that it fire Kim or face a boycott that Kim quit. Anonymous hate mail swamped the Web site of Kookmin University, where Kim attended evening classes, forcing him to drop out.

"I couldn't believe what was happening to me was real," he said. "My family had to move to a new house. I was afraid to dine out or use public transportation. I had to live like a fugitive."[/quote]
(More about cyber violence.)

This is what this generation of immoral, stupid, conscienceless, cretains, are capable of. The snitches are capable of this and in the case of gangstalking so much more. Since gangstalking is government sanctioned, we have these psycho vigilantees (our fellow citizens.) feeling justified in the things that they do, be it frying our kids in their sleep, killing our pets, ruining our lives, and killing us. We have the ungodly, siting in judgement of the rightous. (Well you know what I mean.)

What I was also thinking about was revolution. I was wondering if you could use the stupidity and ignorance fo these people against them. After weeks of up close and personal exposure to these creatures, I am wondering if you could use their stupidity against them to faciliate a revolution or to enhance one?

From what I have seen they would believe the gossip mill over their own eyes, ears. Whatever you tell them, they will believe. Could you feed them a big enough lie to get them to implode on themselves? (Spread enough disinfo through the system to cause a calapse?)

I am not really sure about how info gets feed into their system. I mean cellphones, blackberry's, yeah, but each area is suppose to be like their own central command unit right? So is there a way to get the false info out to each unit simultaniously? A big enough lie to corrupt and unman the system? Just thinking.

I am also this time of the year thinking about betrayl and the people who knew for years and did nothing, and who almost let me get destroyed. I can't forgive, and I can't forget, but I have become more mellow in the preceeding months. It's who they are, it's what they are. Targets do not usually have the most moral or upstanding friends or family. I have let a lot of the anger go, but this time of the year, reminds me of being fried in my home last year. All the ugly truth that I have discover over the last year, and more that is probably still to come.

I now ofcourse know that Governments do horrendous things, mine is no better.
Citizens are actively and routinely tortured by the state in democratic countries.
Democracy is not really freedom, and we are no better than slaves in a controlled society.
Snitches, snitches and more snitches. Every in my society just about is a snitch. Even targets can be snitches. (I still not clear on this one fully.)

There are so many evils that happen in the world, that we will never know about.
Speaking the truth can get you assassinated, or targeted. (I sort of knew that. I just had no idea to what extent.)

This system is in place because to some degree it works for many people wither they admit it or not. (Opinion, but I think there is some fact basis to it.) I see people and the almost addiction to being connected, to being in tune with this system. This belonging that they trade their souls for. They like it in some ways.

People are lasy, they are happy to let others do the dirty work, and they don't mind taking the credit for it.

The world loves it's own kind. If you are a target, it's likely that you were not the worlds kind.
There is so much more, but I don't see things changing anytime soon. Not because I don't believe change is possible, I just don't believe change in humanity is possible. People have been the same since the begining, and when you do think things have changed for the better, that's when they often take a giant leap back in time. Laws won't change things unless people change things.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

De-classified US Harassment Weapons Technology

This is what is posted on the gang stalking world site on the forum. I noticed that the post talks about a heart rate monitor that they use to track us in our apartments. (Just one possible method.) Based on what I have experienced, I fully believe that this or a version of this is what is being used. Everytime I am almost asleep or in dream like state the banging starts, in conjuction with how the heart rate changes in those states. It's hard to explain, but after playing around with it for some time, this is what I am seeing here.

The shaking floors, are often used to keep the target in a none relaxed state, or just to keep the hear pumping faster, thus easier to read and track.

Sometimes I sit back and think that these creatures are being allowed to do this with the blessing of the state, and it's hard to believe because not so long ago, I use to think this could never happen in a society like the one I live in. That was a false perception.

Look at all the work being done on mind reading, control, and even just getting us to control things with out minds, it's all very fascinating stuff. Anyways enjoy the article.
Oh P.S. Jim Guest a member of the US Legislature has spoken out about electronic harassment, here is a link from the Freedomfchs site.

Author: ultra_phoenixSite: Above Top SecretTitle. Newly De-Classified US Electronic Harassment Technologies.

January 19, 1998

[quote]This page lists articles from technology publications which show how these technologies are being marketed in commercial form, and have also been and are being used to harass covert weapons testing victims:

The reader is asked to remember that ANNOUNCED inventions with potential for "national security" use are ALWAYS already in use covertly when announced. The SR-71 "Blackbird" surveillance aircraft was in use for many years before the public saw it.

This page lists articles from technology publications which show how these technologies are being used to harass covert weapons testing victims, and are now coming out in commercial form, or have been announced to the public:

1. Aviation Week & Space Technology, March 10, 1997 "Radar Warns Birds of Impending Aircraft"

This article by Bruce Nordwall (Washington bureau) describes research being carried on by the USAF Wright Laboratory at Dayton Ohio. The article describes the use of MODULATED radar signals to produce AUDIBLE SOUND within the brains of birds near airport runways to cause them to fly away and avoid collisions with landing aircraft.

Other references on work with animals or humans with "audible microwaves":
Science, vol. 181, 27 July 73, page 356 Nature, vol. 216, DEC 16 1967, page 1139 Nature, vol. 210, May 7 1966, page 636 Journal Acoustical Society of America, June 1982, page 1321 Bioelectromagnetics conference, 1992, 13:323-328 (pages 323-328)
This list was furnished by the lab at Wright- Patterson Air Force Base where this type of unclassified development is now in progress.

** The transmission via MODULATED microwave pulses carrying voices to selected weapons testing victims has been carried on for more than two decades, as reported by the victims. There has been little published about this phenomenon, and since direct-to-skull voice transmissions are consistently mis-interpreted by psychiatrists as 'schizophrenia', getting this information to the public needs concerted attention.

2. Electronic Business Today, February 1997 "Business Trends" section, page 20
Inventor Elwood Norris, and his small company, (American Technology Corp., Poway CA) have designed a market ready device called an "acoustical heterodyne".

This device sends out two sound signals in the ultrasonic (above-human-hearing) range which, when they impact a surface, which may be a living creature, then and only then produce a sound at a frequency equal to the DIFFERENCE ("heterodyne") of the two ultrasound frequencies.
** This technology has been used extensively by harassers who follow a walking or driving victim and bounce raucous, unnatural bird calls and other strange sounds off surfaces near the victim. This type of sound is tape recordable.

ATC Corporate Headquarters 13114 Evening Creek Dr. S. San Diego, CA 92128 (800)41-RADIO (417-2346) (619)679-2114 (619)679-0545 FAX http:/
3. New York Times, April 7, 1997, "Devices May Let Police Find Hidden Guns on Street" article
This article, with photos supplied by Millitech Corporation, describes recently unclassified "millimeter wave" cameras (and some other see- thru technologies less well developed.)
These units operate like camcorders, giving the user a real-time thru-clothing, thru- luggage image for detecting weapons and drugs.

Technology like this does not just pop out of nowhere overnight, and it probably has its roots in the 1960's classified microwave weapon "renaissance" - about the same time as the U.S. embassy staff in Moscow discovered they were being bathed in Soviet microwave signals.
OEM Magazine, February 1997, page 20 "Electronic Dipstick" article
This article describes "micropower impulse radar" or "MIR" radar, developed at Lawrence Livermore Lab in California, and licensed to several large companies for consumer products. Basically, this radar uses the highest radio frequencies and does not require the supporting hardware like rotary antennas which 'conventional' radar does.

Uses include vehicle blind-spot sensors, traffic control sensors, heart muscle response monitors, and ** see thru plaster ** stud finders.

** Thru the wall radar has been covertly used for a number of years on weapons testing victims. One common use has been to detect where the victim is standing or walking in their apartment, and 'follow' the victim's position by rapping floor, walls, or ceiling from an adjacent apt. This is designed to let the victim know he/she is under constant surveillance.

4. Defense Electronics, July 1993, page 17

Federal law enforcement officials considered testing a Russian scientist's acoustic mind control device on cultist David Koresh a few weeks before the fiery conflagration that killed the Branch Davidian leader and 70 of his followers in Waco, Texas, DEFENSE ELECTRONICS has learned.
In a series of closed meetings beginning March 17 in suburban northern Virginia with Dr. Igor Smirnov of the Moscow Medical Academy, FBI officials were briefed on the Russian's decade- long research on a computerized acoustic device allegedly capable of implanting thoughts in a person's mind without that person being aware of the source of the thought.

His account of the meetings was confirmed by Psychotechnologies Corp., a Richmond, Virginia based firm that owns the American rights to the Russian technology.

[Not necessarily unclassified, but at least made known to a limited segment of the public]

5. Dan Rather's CBS Evening News, Dec. 9, 1997

Police helicopters were the topic, and one of the features soon to be added to police heli- copters was "an electromagnetic ray gun which can stop speeding cars dead."

While this is primitive technology compared with that used to manipulate the minds and nervous systems of e-weapons victims of the 1990's, it does demonstrate quite clearly that government is putting substantial re- sources into electromagnetic weapons devel- opment.
6. Canadian version, Discovery Channel, "Invention" segment, Thursday December 25, 1997
During part of the show, it was stated that the current development of polygraphs (lie detectors) using massive computer-aided database comparisons was now a reality and these machines were making substantial progress towards near- perfect accuracy.

The final statement in that segment was: It is expected that the next stage in polygraph devel- opment will be REMOTE MICROWAVE detection of bodily functions, which will mean the polygraph can then be used SECRETLY, at a distance.

7. Associated Press: (Dec. 2, 1997)

TOKYO - Tired of reaching for the remote control every time you surf the channels? Help is on the way - at a price. A Japanese company plans to market a device that changes television channels and activates household appliances at the flicker of a brain wave. The price: roughly 600,000 yen ($4,800). The product, called the Mind Control Tool Operating System, or MCTOS, is the result of a collaboration between the Technos Japan Co. and the Himeji Institute of Technology in southwestern Japan.

Say you want to turn on the air conditioner. Simply focus on that icon on the MCTOS computer display menu while wearing a pair of beta-wave trapping goggles. Then, according to Technos spokesman Sadahiro U#ani, say something like "Ei!!" inside your head. Soon your air conditioner will be pumping cool air into the room.

MCTOS is scheduled to go on sale in April, 1998.

8. On Jan. 19 the Washington Post had an article about a device for remotely detecting heartbeats by detecting the electromagnetic pulses emitted by beating hearts.

URL: 1998-01/19/017l-011998-idx.html
An excerpt:

"The pumping of the human heart is controlled by electrical signals, which doctors measure in electrocardiograms. The heart's activity generates an irregular, ultralow-frequency electric field that extends in a circle around the body.

"The field is faint, but it can pass through almost any physical barrier. The LifeGuard can pick up on the strongest part of the field, the heart, through barriers including concrete walls, heavy foliage and rocks. Company officials say the LifeGuard can detect a person in less than five seconds and can pinpoint his or her location with a high degree of accuracy."

The company is marketing the device for potentially locating people in need of rescue, or detecting where individuals are located inside a building.

-- submitted by: Allen L. Barker
Here is more info on this type of device:
69. VSE - Life Assesment Detector System DATE 020597 93% (Nasdaq: VSEC) LIFE ASSESMENT DECTECTOR SYSTEM (LADS) Patent Pending The Life Assessment Detector System (LADS), a microwave Doppler movement measuring device, can detect human body surface motion, including heartbeat and respiration, at ranges up.. 3296 bytes, 08Feb97 --

9. Nature magazine, Vol 391, January 22, 1998, page 316, "Advances in neuroscience may threaten human rights" by Declan Butler
(PARIS - Pasteur Institute - Speech by Chairman of the French national bioethics committee Jean-Pierre Changeaux)
"But neuroscience also poses potential risks, arguing that advances in cerebral imaging make the scope for invasion of privacy immense.

"Although the equipment needed is still highly spec- ialized, it will become commonplace and capable of being used at a distance, he predicted. That will open the way for abuses such as invasion of personal liberty, control of behaviour, and brainwashing."

"These are far from being science-fiction concerns, said Changeaux, and constitute a serious risk to society."
Also in that article:
"Denis LeBihan, a researcher at the French Atomic Energy Commission, told the meeting that the use of imaging techniques has reached the stage where we can almost read people's thoughts."

NOTE: These scientists are speaking ONLY about the UNCLASSIFIED scientific arena. Classified technology can always be assumed well ahead of unclassified.[/quote]

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Snitch Culture

I found this book about a year ago, when I just started trying to figure out what gang stalking was. I had researched snitching, cause I figured they had something to do with what was happening, it would be a long time before I realised they had everything to do with what is
happenig, and that gang stalkers and snitches were essentially the same thing.

It would be some time before I figured out about the controlled society as well, and how far back this culture of snitching goes.

I got the site back up, and I am blogging as quickly as I can, cause who knows how long my computer will behave.

I had to fix the site, someone had defaced it, while I was offline. They had removed the profiles, with stories of individuals, the page that I have about snitches, interestingly enough, and a couple of others, like how to cope. Very specific and very telling.

Anyways, I have not had a chance to read the book, but I think the articles, explains what I have been trying to explain over the last year about the snitches. The information, (the truth) is out there, it's just a matter of finding it. Ofcourse I stubbled across this a year ago, and had no idea that it was relavant to what I was researching, or what was happening to me. Now
looking back, I don't see how I could have missed it, but I did.

You can be living in one reality and even when it get's strange, still miss a lot of the significance of it all, which I am sure I still am, but I can only handle so much at once. Everything in good time.

Anyhow enjoy the article, and if you get the chance to, pick up the book, or the other book the article recommends by Frank Donner. He is the one who also wrote Red Squads.

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Computer issues and server problems.

Ok where have I been? I am having computer problems. Getting online, and when I do get o nline, my keyboard is sparadically working. Needless to say I think my computer problems seems to be somewhat deliberate. I use to keep my computer with me to avoid this, but recently I found I could no longer do that, and that’s when a lot of the computer problems started.
When I do get online, it’s like I am not on my own network, often it’s like my computer is connecting to another network. I could explain this better by going into details, but I just don’t have the time right now.

The website. Coincidentally, whenever I am not online, able to get online, the site keeps going offline. It’s been offline the last few days again, and I am trying to get the company I host with to fix this. There is no reason the site should be offline this much, unless it’s a really crappy company, or deliberate. Either way it’s not acceptable.

Work, what can I say about that. The usual rumours, slander, some mobbing, a bit of bullying, and the odd human thrown in, but all of them snitches. It’s like at the end of that movie Rosemary’s baby, and she realises that they are all witches and she is like, all of them witches, well it’s like, all of them snitches.

I am also a little bit bored. I mean this system of control, and snitches have been around, probably longer than I have, no one has changed it, I don’t know that anyone is going to change it, and as many people visit the website, no one is doing anything to get other sites out, info out. I mean some people are, but at times like this, it feels like you are doing things by yourself, and the apathy really kicks in. Also humans are just all the same across the board. I think they like their servitude to the system. As long as it does not break their back too much, it seems like they are ok with it. Maybe this is a false perception, but it’s the only one that I can come to for
the time being.

Anyways, on the site before it went offline, there was a great post, about the electronic weapons that are being used on us. Eg. A heart rate monitor, to figure out where the target is in their appartment. A lot of the stuff that they use to track, monitor, and hurt, is stuff that has been on the market for over a decade or more, and it’s just you get the odd person who knows what’s going on, and then they put up the information, and then no one bothers to preserve it, and so the next target has to start from scratch. It’s a pretty self-serving society.

I have lot’s more to write, but I have other things to attend to like getting the site back up, again. If anyone is really concerned about the site being offline, then try adding a mirror site, or something. Just a thought.

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