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Monday, June 16, 2008

Proclamation Day to Stop Child Sexual Abuse.

I found the blog entry below. It's the Proclamation Day to Stop Child Sexual Abuse. I think every city should have a day like this. I don't think that it would do much good, because the problems are so much more ingrained than that, but it would be a nice start.
I don't think the these efforts will stop this, anymore then exposing Priests and what they were doing has stopped children from being abused by the churches. In fact all that happened is that it's now harder to prosecute these people because of new law instituted by Rome. (There is a great video on youtube that talks about this, which I won't post here.)
I don't think these efforts will stop this anymore than the franklin coverup's stopped International Child Pedophile rings run by people in positions of power and authority. All it did was show the lengths that people will go to, to protect the system. In the end the children who came forward were the only ones to suffer, and the abusers all rose to higher positions of authority. It also taught anyone wanting to come forward the price that they would have to be willing to pay.
I think all we can try to do is make parents and others aware of some of the evils that are in the world, and then at least they might have a fighting chance. I think the following initiative is a good one and should be enacted in every city across the globe, even though I don't think it will get the world to where they want to be, I think it's a good start.
[quote]Monday, June 16, 2008Photos: Proclamation Day to Stop Child Sexual Abuse
June 16th marks the official Proclamation Day in Toronto to Stop Child Sexual Abuse.
Youth Out Loud met at Nathan Phillips Square to honour the children and youth no longer with us and to lay a wreathe and teddy bears in their memory in the area designated the "speakers corner" of Nathan Phillips Square.
They had signs and bracelets to raise awareness about this horrible crime perpetrated against our children and youth.

"Child sexual abuse is a pervasive form of violence that continues to be an invisible issue," said Joanne Vannicola, director and founder of Youth Out Loud.
"As difficult as it is to think about, child sexual abuse IS an epidemic. At least one in three girls and one in five boys will be sexually abused before the age of eighteen. We need to find a way to break this cycle of violence and protect our youth. We intend to keep making our presence known and to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves." [/quote]

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This post goes out to any other weary traveller that has been exhausted on their path. May you find the most peaceful slumber. :-)

I woke up this morning and I was really exhausted. Not just because of the electronic harassment on going and the fact that I have been forgetting to shield properly, but because of other things.

Other unanswered questions, not really, I realise the answers and solutions will come when you are ready and you let yourself be open to them.

Ok this post is mostly not gang stalking related, so feel free to tune out.

I have been thinking a lot about reincarnation, not because I am wondering about it anymore, but because I am sure that we do reincarnate. Time and time again we take shape and form, to have human experiences. We form bonds, love, hate, and we tend to reincarnate and be attached and attracted to those we have formed the strongest bonds to. That's the truth, it's weird, but it's the truth. It's a truth that I knew on some elemental level, but always refused to believe or fully accept until recently.

For any Trekkie's out there, think Dax, and how the host inherits the memories of the previous host. Except with humans we thankfully don't often remember what is behind the veil. That is often closed from one lifetime to the next for good reason. Makes sense, I mean you would remember people, places, pain, love, and you could do very little about it, because you are a different entity and must start anew, no going through on the good Karma of your last incarnation. Well that's not fully true. Even if we don't openly remember, we have feelings of, or a sense of it. It's all really interesting stuff.

I also accept that we can have pretty real spiritual experiences in human form. Some which we remember, many that we won't. I accept that the spirit realm might be as messed up, or more messed up than this place.

I also accept that really rational logic people can find themselves in strange circumstances where they don't know what to do. along with the whole Gang Stalking thing, I have for the last several months, found myself in a circumstance which for many would seem even more strange than Gang Stalking, except for me, nothing has topped finding out that the world is a creepy government experiment, with snitches at just about every corner. Otherwise this experience would normally top it, and for many others I am sure it does.

Anyways along with that strange path came a lot of weird baggage. I found myself in yet another game I did not want to be a part of, and every time I thought I had finally yanked myself out of the game, I was right back in and sinking deeper and deeper. I wanted out, but just kept getting pulled back in. I realised that the only way to win the game some months back, was just to leave it and lose. Sometimes when you lose you win, and sometimes you win, you really lose. Anyways with and often without my consent or willingness to participate the game continued.

The majority of the players knowing way more about what was ongoing with the game than I did. What else is new. One more area of my life that I suddenly was not in control of, not in charge of, and I hated it, but could not pull myself out.

During that time, I am trying to find the answers to the universe, what to do about the Gang Stalking, and the fact that the world is pretty much enslaved already, the fact that their is a whole entire spirit world that we can tap into if we really want to, mostly if we are at our happiest. So in the midst of the usual junk, I had more weirdness to contend with.

I often think it's bad enough that the government can get inside our private spaces, imagine when they get inside your head and can hear your thoughts, know your dreams better then you, and what is going in your inner realm better than you do? Creepy? Yes, I am just glad that even if they can read minds, they can't read hearts.

Anyways back to the irritating game. It was like playing with an immature preschooler, who can't make up it's mind. Except really what was happening was dealing with an entity that wanted to see how long the game could be played. Back and forth the ball would spin, all the while promising a winner for the game, and really the only winner was the spinner.

Still a fun trip, one that was better not taken. A path that was better left unmapped and uncharted. It hurt a few innocents in it's wake, that's what I am most sad about. That's the part of this path that I hated. My mandate is to not do harm to others, but every time I got sucked back into this path, it would invariably hurt others, people that I actually had concern for. It was a really bad path to be on. One that I should never have been on, or stayed on as long as I did. Yet it gave me insight into a realm that I would not have had insight into otherwise. A realm that I want to know more about.

Anyways last week I took the advise that I had given myself months ago, and finally got off the path. It's a game that is never ending, the rules are always the same. Nothing ever changes. Keep the target off balance. In a state of anxiety. Never let them know what is really going on. Be the one in control. After Gang Stalking, this was just another version of the same thing.

Anyways I hope I can stay sober and off the path. (Sober being an expression only.) So that's my big share moment. Anyways when a path leaves you exhausted, weary, tired, etc. Sometimes as much as we hate it, and might want to hang on, you just have to exhale. Speaking of which, I want to say congrats to Whitney Houston on making a come back. I read that after years of being away she is recording again. Good for Whitney, sometimes things and people pull you off your path, and sometimes circumstances get you back to where you need to be. I am told that destiny is not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Operation Gladio

I discovered some new info a few weeks back, but could not blog about them, as I was offline.
The first was Operation Gladio. It's a stay behind operation that enlisted former Nazi and other hard liners.

[quote]Emblem of NATO's "stay-behind" paramilitary organizations.After World War II, the UK and the US decided to create "stay-behind" paramilitary organizations, with the official aim of countering a possible Soviet invasion through sabotage and guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines. Arms caches were hidden, escape routes prepared, and loyal members recruited: i.e. mainly hardline anticommunists, including many ex-Nazis or former fascists, whether in Italy or in other European countries. In Germany, for example, Gladio had as a central focus the Gehlen Org — also involved in ODESSA "ratlines" — named after Reinhard Gehlen who would become West Germany's first head of intelligence, while the predominantly Italian P2 masonic lodge was composed of many members of the neofascist Italian Social Movement (MSI), including Licio Gelli. Its clandestine "cells" were to stay behind (hence the name) in enemy controlled territory and to act as resistance movements, conducting sabotage, guerrilla warfare and assassinations.

However, Italian Gladio was more far reaching. "A briefing minute of June 1, 1959, reveals Gladio was built around 'internal subversion'. It was to play 'a determining role… not only on the general policy level of warfare, but also in the politics of emergency'. In the 1970s, with communist electoral support growing and other leftists looking menacing, the establishment turned to the 'Strategy of Tension' … with Gladio eager to be involved."[4]

Basically you can have a secret army set up in democratic countries around the world and yes sometimes the governments might not be fully aware, and yes sometimes they can seem to have far out reaching powers.

[quote]Next to the CPC, a second secret army command center, labeled Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC), was set up in 1957 on the orders of NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR). This military structure provided for significant US leverage over the secret stay-behind networks in Western Europe as the SACEUR, throughout NATO's history, has traditionally been a US General who reports to the Pentagon in Washington and is based in NATO's Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium. The ACC's duties included elaborating on the directives of the network, developing its clandestine capability, and organizing bases in Britain and the United States. In wartime, it was to plan stay-behind operations in conjunction with SHAPE. According to former CIA director William Colby, it was 'a major program'."[1] "Coordinated by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), {the secret armies} were run by the European military secret services in close cooperation with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the British foreign secret service Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also MI6). Trained together with US Green Berets and British Special Air Service (SAS), these clandestine NATO soldiers, armed with underground arms-caches, prepared against a potential Soviet invasion and occupation of Western Europe, as well as the coming to power of communist parties. The clandestine international network covered the European NATO membership, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey, as well as the neutral European countries of Austria, Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland.

'The existence of these clandestine NATO armies remained a closely guarded secret throughout the Cold War until 1990, when the first branch of the international network was discovered in Italy. It was code-named Gladio, the Latin word for a short double-edged sword [gladius]. While the press said the NATO secret armies were 'the best-kept, and most damaging, political-military secret since World War II', the Italian government, amidst sharp public criticism, promised to close down the secret army. Italy insisted identical clandestine armies had also existed in all other countries of Western Europe. This allegation proved correct and subsequent research found that in Belgium, the secret NATO army was code-named SDRA8, in Denmark Absalon, in Germany TD BJD, in Greece LOK, in Luxemburg Stay-Behind, in the Netherlands I&O, in Norway ROC, in Portugal Aginter, in Switzerland P26, in Turkey Counter-Guerrilla, In Sweden AGAG (Aktions Gruppen Arla Gryning, and in Austria OWSGV. However, the code names of the secret armies in France, Finland and Spain remain unknown. Upon learning of the discovery, the parliament of the European Union (EU) drafted a resolution sharply criticizing the fact (...) Yet only Italy, Belgium and Switzerland carried out parliamentary investigations, while the administration of President George H. W. Bush refused to comment, being in the midst of preparations for war against Saddam Hussein in the Persian Gulf, and fearing potential damages to the military alliance."[1]

Now there was a great youtube documentary about this, but it's been removed. I hope someone will get it and repost it. If they do, I obviously won't be able to link to it, because it would just be taken down again. Anyways, it's facinating reading and just goes to show what clandestine forces can get up to without people being aware of it.

Still not convinced that the world has been taken over by zoombie snitches, citzen informants?

Check out police state planning.

They much like Mark M. Rich and his website, give a good, well research account of what is happening for the world enslavement roadmap. They seem to stay away from the topic of the snitches, but it's also a good site that has lot's of well researched information, and a neat little ebook that you can download.

You can't just understand the time we are living in with your mind. You have to feel and experience it with every part of your being to believe it, and even then it might not be enough, but it's a start.

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Mark vs MarX

Mark vs MarX.

Ok since getting back online. I have had the pleasure and the dismay of reading and viewing some youtube stuff.

As usual I continue to be very impress by Mark M. Rich and his research. It he ever turns out to not be a real target, I will be really bummed out. Anyways, his research is impressive and if you have not had the chance to do so, might I suggest you read his latest article, a camp for every belief.

He breaks down the top beliefs about what is happening and he also states why the belief does or does not hold weight. Here are some excepts from his latest article.

[quote]One of the primary defense mechanisms which the Hidden Evil is equipped with, is one which prevents people from learning who is responsible for it. When I mention responsible parties here, I'm not referring to the people visibly carrying out the harassment, but its origin. In this regard, if you're able to narrow down the scope of suspects to a few organizations which are likely responsible, then they have lost one of their most valuable assets: concealment.

There are many sites & forums that have sprung up on the Internet which are sponsoring a variety of explanations regarding who is behind this global program of terror.(*) Some blatantly or subtly promote the explanations which follow. All of these groups seem to recognize that government experimentation & Cointelpro operations did occur. And some members of these groups may think that the program still exists primarily for experimentation. But for the most part this article will focus on the "who" rather than the "why." Camps which promote beliefs which are obviously ridiculous will not be covered.[/quote]

He goes on to question and nicely get's rid of the vigilante extremist explanation. He then tackles the possibility that it's just technology that has gotten into the wrong hands, and again nicely get's rid of that theory. The last two theories, full government support and the New World Order theory are nicely discussed and the finger is pointed in that direction more than any other. He then summarizes it with a nice conclusion. Even if you don't choose to believe him, it's well researched, nicely put together and it was a refreshing read to come back home online to.

The next Mark that I want to tackle is MarXMinD from youtube fame. I liked this guy's music video, but his last couple of video postings have me scratching my head and really wondering about him. Now I don't like to post anything that seems like a public attack on someone I don't really know. So I will leave it at that.

Anyways his videos asks targets to stop blaming the government, and they almost make it seem like it's our fault that we are getting attacked like this. I just sat there with my mouth open in absolute shock. Like who's side are you on? (I have my opinion which I will keep to myself.)

Anyways I was not going to post the videos, because I don't want to feed the pigeons, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I just really wanted to draw attention to the contrast of how a well researched piece comes off and does give credibility, vs something that I felt that did not.

Needless to say, I am not going to play the game. I am just going to stick to postings and people that I think move the cause in a positive direction. I really can't comment on motivation, cause I really don't know, maybe this person really felt that this was the case, or maybe he really does have an agenda. Either way, I really want to highlight the positive job that I feel that Mark M. Rich is doing, and would encourage targets towards well researched and well written pieces such as that.

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Playing both sides.

I had computer troubles for the last couple of weeks. Right after my I want out post, my computer stopped working. So since getting back online, it's been maintenance. Now I am back to blogging and thought I would address the important topic of playing both sides.

I was recently on the brainsubjegation forums, not the real real name. Anyways I received an email about a list of perps. (Snitches or Citizen Informants pretending to be targets, but who are really just there to mess up the lives and efforts of targets.)

Though the list seems more or less accurate, there were a couple of names there that I hope are wrong, but probably not. Anyways I always try to remind targets to not get caught up in this stuff. One of the things these people like to do is play both sides.

Meaning early on I learnt that you will have two people both pretending to be targets, however they will argue with each other and accuse the other of being a perp this, and perp that and in the end, they both end up being perps. I have blogged about this before. What ends up happening is that the target feels forced to choose sides. They end up feeling that if the two are arguing, at least one has to be a real target right? Wrong.

It never changes, and at the end of the day who knows who is on whos side, the only thing you can do is just be on your side, be aware of how this works and try not to fall into the trap of it.
In the end it just keeps the target in a constant state of anxiety, because they don't know what to believe or who to trust. Trust yourself.

A lot of sites online past and present are not run by real targets. Even sites you think should be. I try to put forward the sites I think you can trust, but even I could be wrong. I am perfect, wish I was. So just learn to do a lot of research for yourself. Had I trusted the people that were online when I came on, I would not be where I am today.

I was lucky to do a lot of my own research and once I started going out in public again, after awhile, I was lucky to tune into what was really happening over time. Not that that was great either, but at least it was the truth. A scary mind numbing, city full of zoombies truth, but truth none the less.

Anyways that's the first order of business, playing both sides is a strategic move that perps know how to do, and will do it for as long as they can. Keep an eye out for this and try to avoid this pit stop if you can, in the real world and online.

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