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Monday, February 26, 2007

The truth, but their version.

Some of the truth must be getting close to coming out.

I say that because the government would never have allowed the following radio show to get through, so they allowed this to get on the air, with them still fully at the helm.

It's a victory in some ways, and a deception in others. I realise that this is what they consistently do, they will only allow their version of the truth out when the time comes, with them still fully at the helm.

Most targets will never understand the difference. The few like Mark M. Rich who have not been heard from for some time who did will probably not be doing the speaking engagements.
The truth is so much stranger than fiction. I don't know how long this has been going on, in my life I can guess, in the lives of others I have no idea.

I woke up to a world a few months back, where neighbours, family, co-workers, friends, were all aware of and taking part in the unspeakable. Where everyone around me knew something that pertained to my life, and my well being but me.

Where people that I should have been able to trust were the very ones that were betraying me, and knowingly or unknowingly helping in what could have been my destruction.
I have been trying like most to understand not only what is happening, how long it's been happening, but how it could be happening. How can so many people be taking part in something like this and no whistles getting blown, no one coming forward to grab that Pulitzer prize winning story.

Just like Germany of WWII, there were stories of what was happening to the Jews making there way out, there were stories of the Camps and what was really going on at the camps, but people either did not want to hear, believe or care.

I have read some history accounts that say that the many of the German people thought that this was a good time in history for them. I guess to the stage where Hitler restored the country after the devastation that had happened to it after WWI, I guess to that extent it was.
The rest has always been hard to fathom or imagine. I always asked the why, and the hows. I could never understand how people could sit back and allow such things to happen.
However if I think about it in another context. I am in a country that recently realised that the human rights of prisoners being held on security certificates were wrong and that imprisoning people without charges was a human rights violation. I for months, when I finally did clue into the fact that this was happening, still did nothing. I mean outside of contemplation of signing the petitions, I was not outside of the jails with my signs in hand.

I have also sat back and watched America hold two concentration camps, where thousands of peoples rights have been violated, I have watched this in an almost sleep like state for the last 5 years, not fully understanding the true meaning of this till now. I think my own experience has allowed me to understand this better, but not as fully as I would like.

I know that over the last eight years or so, I have spent a great deal of time focused on how to stop the harassment in my own life, I know that is has distracted me enough so that this has been a primary focus, so much so to the often exclusion of other things happening in my own life and the lives of others, so much so that it even distracted me to what the truth of my own circumstances were.

This whole thing has given me a lot of perspective and made me ask a lot of questions about my own actions. Why am I not writing to the UN about the prison camps and asking them to provide sanctions until the prisoners are either charged with something or at least given the right to see a lawyer, till at least democracy is practiced in word and deed?

Why am I not out at rallies and protests, condemning the things that are happening and that have been happening? I mean outside of the online protests, there has not really been a whole lot of other protesting. Why was I not more fully aware of the full truth of what was happening to the homeless, or the poor? Why was I just not a lot more informed or aware? Why was I not making their issues my issues?

Don't get me wrong, I have always been a cause person, but most of my efforts focus on the suffering of the innocents in the world, who are too young to take care of themselves.
Still ignorance is no excuse. In high school and college I was far more cognizant of the things that were happening around me and fought bring awareness to the issues of the day, but somewhere along the lines, that had stopped, and I had just tuned out, or turned away, I am not sure which one.

I mean I don't think I really ever delved into the fact that the Concentration Camps were just that, concentration camps, where people are being held without charges, or the right to see lawyers. I keep thinking that eventually truth will win out, but it won't, not without the will of the people.

I keep thinking about how many homeless people have died, or are now in jail, and their cries that have gone unheard, unaided. I worry that their issues were not my issues, that more attention was not paid to their plight.

It's like living in a mindless apathetic bubble sometimes, we are aware of the suffering and the ills of the world, but we do not do anything about them. We are aware of so many, that we start to feel overwhelmed and I guess at some point that turns to apathy, and we just don't think that we can help or do anything about it. We forget as a people how truly powerful we can be and we let others take that power away from us. We forget that one person can make a difference. We forget that social change is possible, but it does not always happen over night and it can be painful and long endurance is needed, we no longer gear ourselves up for dealing with these struggles.

We forget that the price of eternal freedom, is eternal vigilance and so we have given up our rights and freedoms, we have become that which we fought so hard to not become, we have become red, spying on each other, the Russians pulled a fast one on us, when we thought they had lost they had really just won. The oldest trick in the book was played, the Trojan horse of the Russians and we fell for it. The Stasi and the KGB are now working for homeland security. Our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends are now spies for the state, and somehow we fell for it. We willingly let them do to us by deception what they could not have done by force, had we remained vigilant. Vigilance is the price and we have not paid it, and so our freedoms have go to let, and this will continue to happen, unless we wake up and press for change the way others have had to.

We have become lazy and weak willed. We want things to be easy, but history has shown us that is not always the case. To have the sort of society we want, we will have to fight for it, but we have gone so far of the beaten path, our values have become so corrupt. Britney or Paris slip and the world knows about it, but children are raped, beaten sold into slavery and no one even bats and eye or is even aware. We have been told and conditioned about where to place our focus and values and it's worked.

I don't know if this generation can pull themselves out of the mire that has become society, but I know that they have to try. They have become directionless, without focus, and there is no moral guidance or beacon that will give guidance. They have long rejected the truth for lies, and it looks like this trend will continue for some time.

Is there hope? Well there is always hope, that's what so neat and interesting about the human
race. The doom's day clock has been moved one step closer to midnight, but just as easily tomorrow, it could be moved two hands back, it's up to each of us to see that this happens. It's up to each of us in our own lives to take that power that we have and do what we can, we are capable and we are powerful beings, we can create change, we just have to believe that we can once again. We have to take the initiative to tune out the garbage, and tune in the pure unadulterated truth. We need to have that in our own lives, it's the only way we could ever become fulfilled, self actualised individuals in the first place. There was never an easy formula, and the things that they sell us that say otherwise are just lies. We really do have the power in our hands for change, we just have to wield it like a sword. We are in our own turns more powerful than we know, not only can we display that power in our own lives, but we can teach others to do the same, and that is part of the truth that they want us to forget, it's part of the reality that was always there, if we can just tune back into it, it's ours for the taking.

Rich, powerful, successful is not all it's cracked up to be, if we are to believe all the failed marriages, rehab trips, and sensational headlines, and yet we are told to strive for this, why would you strive for something where the end result is sure to be misery and the fall out that comes with it? We want to be happy, heck most people want to be happy, we want to have peace in our lives, but most people want that, we want to feel secure, we want to be fulfilled, most people want that, but honestly that things we have been feed and told, that will bring us that are just simply not the truth.

We have to wake up and try to realise this and understand this, we are being deceived and it's up to each of us, to wake up in our own turn, see the truth of this, and then wake up others if we can, but at least stay conscious in our own turn.

Change is possible, but it wont' be easy, you won't be necessarily popular, there will be struggles and you will wonder why you ever choose this path, but you will become better for it, on the inside you will become stronger and be a better person, one of strength and resilience who is better able to handle the garbage in garbage out that the world is throwing at you. You might even find that you find better things to tune into at the end of the day, like yourself, and you might just find that more rewarding, and fulfilling than other things that we have been told will entertain and fulfill us.

It's just something to think about.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Toronto's year of the gun revisited.

Toronto's year of the gun revisited.

The year of the gun we all know the stories right, drugs, gangs, ethnic youth getting access to guns, and then Toronto's year of the gun just exploded right.

That's the story and that's all there is to it, or is there more?

How many of these people were recently out on parole when they committed these crimes? Why were they out on parole?

How many of these people were out of jail or good community policing program behavior? Meaning that they were offered time out of jail if they agreed to take part in the new snitching programs that the city has on going?

How many were trying to walk away from this forced slavery program when they were eliminated?

How many were getting back at someone who had set them up for these programs?
How many gang members will be released back into the community because they agree to take part in these programs, as an extra set of eyes and ears for the community?

I can't judge these people who are looking at 15-20 years for gun related crimes, for choosing a life of slavery on the outside rather than a life of slavery on the inside.

I can blame a society who thinks that it's a good idea to let people who are committing the same exact crimes be bound by different rules, because they agree to join some snitch program.

I can also blame a society that does not stop to wonder what happens to these young people when they get a taste of freedom and decide that they don't want to be slaves for the rest of their lives, and try to leave these programs, only to realise that there is no way out, except maybe one.

It astounds me that these questions were not asked when we had our increase in the year of the gun. Sure gangs and drugs played a large part, but where there other factors that we were missing behind some of these crimes?

In other societies where these programs are instituted, they will kill you if you try to leave these programs. If you find out that your friends set you up to go to jail, you might just agree to take part in one of these programs long enough to get back on the outside so that you can find the person who set you up and settle the score.

These programs do more harm to the moral fiber of society than guns and drugs in the long run. Then the innocent get caught up in the cross fire of these programs, thus giving society a greater need for such programs, and the vicious cycle continues.

These programs have left lot's of scares on other societies, and wounds that have yet to heal. Do we know all the factors that contributed to the year of the gun? Are we ever likely to? Not if we don't stop to ask the questions.

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Kimveer Gill revisited.

Kimveer Gill revisited. Nut job or Stalking Target?

For those with a short memory you might remember that Kimveer Gill was the young Montreal man who went on a shooting spree several months ago killing at least 1 person and wonding at least a dozen others.

Most people just wrote him off as a nut case who was into video games and mixed up fantasy with reality, a goth who hated society. For those of us who stopped to read some of his postings to gain clues to what might have happened, there is an angle that has not been discussed, that has not been talked about.

Here are some of his blog postings that I found really interesting.

Dated September 12, 2006

[quote]Stop Bullying

It?s not only the bully?s fault you know!!It?s the teachers and principals fault for turning a blind eye, just cuz it?s not their job. You fuckers are pathetic.It?s the police?s fault for not doing anything when people conplain (oops, my mistake, the cops are corrupt sons of whores,
so it?s not like they can do anything about it.)
It?s society?s fault for acting like it?s normal for people to be assholes to each other. Society disgusts me.It?s everyone?s fault for being so apathetic towards fucking everything that doesn?t affect them personally. FUCK YOU

It sounds like his bullying, which is what he called it, might have involved trying to get the police to do something, but it sounds like they not only did not do anything about the bullying, they also he ends with calling them corrupt. Why?

Not so outside the realm of what you might find in many other bullying cases, but here is something that is perticularly interesting.

[quote]I wonder why my household has been under surveillance by law enforcement for 6 years now? Makes no sense to me!!
Oh, you?re wondering how I know?lolBet you little monkeys areHey, assholes!!Everything everyone says or does against me is shown to me in my dreams, I see everything. You fucking monkeys.
God, you humans are so inferior.[/quote]

Now he might have been nuts, but it sounds like his bullying might have had other angles that
were never explored.

If Kilmeer Gill was under survellence and if he was for the last six years in a gang stalking like senario, going so far as to try to get help from the police without success, then the things that drove him to commit this terrible act might have been precipitated by what was happening to him. A self fulfilling prophecy so to speak.

Since reading this, I have often wondered if he was a target of this phenomenon, should his blog postings be taken with a grain of salt, or should they be given more weight than most people realise. Should the families of those injured or killed by him, be seeking restitution from the state if they infact did stalk and hound him till he did commit a terrible act.

The truth is we might never know. Though there are some clues on line, there are not enough for me to draw any firm conclusions one way or another, just to have enough of a suspicion that I would like to see examined. If this was happening to him, those around him would have been recruited, and his neighbours would have been spying on him, which could explain why
he suddenly stopped talking to certain people. (Ofcourse it could just be that he was moody.)

The more I know about gang stalking and the bits of his story that bleed through, lead me to believe that their are some questions that should be asked, but will we ever get answers? If I was the family of those people that were injured, or killed, I would ask some questions and dig for deeper answers. This might just be the story of a very deeply troubled young
man, but this on another level could be the story of a deeply troubled society that hounded and harassed a young man to the stage where he was willing to commit such horrendous actions.

It bears further examination. I just won't be the one looking deeper into this, but I invite others to, if you think that there could be more to the story.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Exposing Gang Stalking

*This was my response on the forum regarding exposing business that allow gang stalking.

Hi Anthony. I am not sure what you are talking about? There is no need for a list of places that allow gang stalking. Every place allows gang stalking. I bet you would be hard pressed to find one company, one government building, one tribunal board, one law office, that does not have this happening.

This is a system that most people are taking part in. From what I have seen we have the young, we have the old and everything in the middle taking part.

We have men and woman, trans-sexualas, bi-sexuals and one else in between.

We have black, white, Asian, Russian. Indian, African, Caribbean, European, Eastern European and anything else in between.

We have activist, dissidents, anarchists, communists, Taoists, Buddhists, Christian, Muslim, Hindus, Jews, Atheists, etc. We have anything that you can name taking part in this.

I just observed two teens probably 14 years old, doing there skate-boarding thing in the subway, while keeping watch on what was happening till reinforcements came and then they pretended to go off and do their own thing. The really insulting part was one was wearing an anarchist t-shirt. That use to mean something, now it does not.

I am sorry Anthony, but I don't have a clue as to what you mean. Who can we expose, except to say that an extremely large chunk of our population and other populations are taking part in this. I am not sure if you missed it, but this is happening all over the world, or soon will be. Most of the democratic countries and several Asian countries have already reported this. Community based policing which is actually based on a communistic system is alive and well, and thriving and it's starting to be used all over the world. The best you can do is to get countries that use to be free like Canada to talk about it openly, but they won't.

Just like in Red China, Red Russia, or Stasi Germany, people take part, and they keep an eye on the population. These countries have got everyone so scared of looking for terrorist over there, that we don't see that we have become Red over here. There is no one to expose but society. Remember this is a partner ship with corporations, companies, private citizens, snitches, private security, government, the police, civil workers, etc.

All you are seeing is the smaller picture. This is happening on a local level, but within companies it's being used to mob out the vocal, the whistle blowers, the overly moral. They are getting rid of them left right and center. That's why workplace mobbing is on the rise and will continue to be, till those dissenting voices are gone. Then you have whole entire cities that are spying on each other, keeping watch on each other. They are doing what the former East German's did and they are controlling the population with just a small fraction of society, Eg. The East Germans used 1 in 65 to control the country of 16 million. America wanted to have 1 million spies. Canada must have a number closer to what the Americans were going after, because our programs came forward unquestioned, unchallenged.

This is part of a larger system that is working towards, world government, one world government, NWO. So I really don't know what you mean. I mean it's great I guess you mean think global and act local, but most people are too afraid to break rank and talk about these programs. They feel a sense of community that has far too long been lacking in much of society, unfortunately that sense of community that they feel is false and it's a lie. It's being used to kill and destroy innocent people and innocent lives. It's being used to squash and destroy dissidence, it's being used to stifle the voices that would cry out in the wilderness and tell them to repent because what they are doing is wrong. These people will crucify and nail to the cross pretty much anyone they see as unfit.

They have become the terrorist that they have been tricked into fighting, and much like the former East Germany, I don't see how you are going to get this system changed. Since I noticed the gang stalking, do you know how many people of Eastern European decent, I have observed also taking a part in this? I am sure some must be from the old country and were probably on these types of programs in there countries, this also goes for people of other decent. This programing does not leave these people. They seem to like taking part in this, and it will more than likely spread, than not spread. All you need is a small portion of the population to control large sectors of society, and it's working, it's been working for I don't know how long. It's creepy and scary to wake up and realise that your city has turned into a Stasi State. I grew up with warnings of don't turn Red, you don't want to be Red, and now we are Red.

We are increasingly coming under communistic like conditions. The State is trying to tell people how to live, how to behave in society, and the people of these countries are falling in line like mindless sheep, or mindless zombies. They just go along with this and they don't think at all it's scary, it's frustrating, but it's where we are. So when you say that companies should be exposed, I am just simply not sure what you mean. They will work together to destroy a person, remove them, weed them from one community to the next, one apartment, house to the next, one job to the next. The idea is to destroy the person, emotionally, mentally and physically, and when that fails they try to employ other methods, just like the former Soviet Union.

Then they are also trying to put away the dissidents and the activists, mental institutions for the outspoken and the defiant. The homeless and the poor are being systematically eliminated right before our eyes in cities all around the world, but especially it seems in these free thinking Western countries. We have become like those we use to dread and fear. All they had to do was distract us with a new enemy over here, so that we would forget about our old nemesis over there. Now who is in bed with the former Heads of Stasi and KGB? American's that's who. Who is spying on who now? That's right Americans are. Who has to show id cards now? Americans do in some places as part of drills or regular practice for their safety, you understand. Who gets arrested for being outspoken and for not showing id on demand? Americans can and do. Who gets arrested for speaking out about the President, and the War? Americans do. We looked West and the East won, or whoever you want to phrase it, and for some reason people are too blind, deaf, or dumb to realise this, and so the horror just continues.

So it's a system that you would be exposing, a system that will not give justice, or fair play to those that are outside of the system. A system where you can just signal that someone is crazy, a terrorist, pedophile, undesirable, and they will get the short end of the legal system or tribunal hearing, depending on where they seek justice. They will get the short end of the police report, they will be treated like vagrants and vagabonds. It's happening all over, and it's all just part and parcel of a larger more insane game, that may well not end until the world is fully subdued.

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The set up.

Set up for stalking.
I recently had an experience which I do believe confirms something that one of our forum members was getting at. Unicorn a forum member pointed out that targets are often set up and stalked long before they ever become targets. Well I think he or she could well have been on to something.

Today I was at a location and I was just kind of standing there looking at the architecture of the building and the stalkers were passing me by on multiple levels and I was just observing how their network was working, the trade off in who goes where directionally, how frequently they move, boring things like that. Anyways one of the stalkers, decided to stop talk to me, and then tried to get a little bit frisky, Mr perv elderly Viagra bunny, tried to first get a little frisk in, and then actually tried to introduce my hand to parts of his anatomy. Not funny very unamusing. So after I told the elderly Viagra bunny on crack to go away. I stopped to mention the incident to the next stalker coming up the walk way, and asked if that was how members of there stalking crew were suppose to act, he offered to mention the incident to the security guard, who was all like, not much I can do about it. He decided it was a mall security issue. Even though the incident happened 2 inches from where the first security guard had jurisdiction, and he had been peering over the rail keeping watch on me about 2 minutes before the incident happened, and he was more than likely in earshot for the whole thing. Now since the bumbling duo were just hovering, I decided to get their names, for the blogging fun of it, because that's the thing to do.
Now they were both like, oh there is really nothing we can do, you really have to call the police. Right call the police to tell them about some geriatric, Viagra taking, energizer bunny on crack. Sure we all have that much time to waste, but they were really pushing for this option. I thanked them for wasting my time, and left. Now it did not occur to me right away, but this was a set up.

The stalkers as I mentioned had a stalking pattern that they had been following, I had been starting to count it off, and it was very regular. When the incident happened with the geriatric pervert, the pattern had stopped. That means that the stalkers were allowing time for the incident to occur and someone somewhere was observing this to see what my reaction would be to this. Ofcourse knowing enough of my character they realised that the incident would probably get reported in some shape or form and then ofcourse the security guards were all too happy to try to push me into the direction of calling the police. The police who we all now know would do jack all, infact this would have put me into a worst situation than before, but also this would probably be used as a reason for the stalking to be initiated. Eg. Let's say I was an unsuspecting target, I was not aware of being stalked previously, let's say I had acted in the human way as expected and called the police on the geriatric pervert, then the incident get's reported some how on the stalking network, that I am making false reports on some geriatric pervert, so then the stalking network uses this as a reason to start the stalking. So the unsuspecting target would probably then note the time of their stalking to this incident, where the truth is they would have been stalked long before this incident happened, this would just have been the catalyst or the excuse for getting the stalking to commence full fledged. What are the chances that this perv is some well liked old geeser that would just never do such a thing? I would say pretty good. I get this now. This bs works with whistle-blowing. Like unicorn had pointed out before, but I don't think I fully understood till not, the thing that the target thinks put the stalking into play, is probably not at all the original factor that really started the stalking, so when you think you know what started it, then go further back.

For me because I have all this knowledge now, I can look back and see that the stalking could have started with the incident with the police, Rogers, but more than likely my stalking started before either of these two incidents and I am going to have to go back to find out where. More than likely these incidents were used as a set up or a catalyst, to make me aware of the stalking, a reason or an excuse for the stalkers to become more overt with what was happening, but this more than likely could go back even further than that.

After the incident and as the geriatric pervert went on his way, is when there stalking pattern started again. So if it had stopped long enough for this incident to occur, this means that they were aware that this was going to go down, and the helpful security guards were more than likely pressing for the police to be called for said reason of the set up. So when you think you know why your stalking started, go back even further.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tips for targets.

In the last seven to eight months I have learnt so much about gang stalking and what it's really like to be a targeted individual. To wake up one day and discover that you are literally being followed around and spied on wherever you go and no matter what you do, no matter where you are.

I have spent the last 8 years being harassed and mobbed, at work and in the community, however the last 7 months were a discovery. It's was to awaken from a nightmare to learn that not only was I not alone, but that this had all been planned, coordinated and carried out.
To have friends, family, neighbours, coworkers all be a part of a grand conspiracy designed to destroy your life and drive you to ruin, suicide, jail, institutionalisation, or poverty. It's been a real trip and one that I would rather to have done without, but it's let me become more aware of my world at a critical time when I might not have been otherwise.

To learn that your city, much like many others around the world have become mini Stasi States, with people spying and informing on each other, allegedly to protect their communities. Realising that this horror and this nightmare is not only encouraged by the State and the government, but also fully sanctioned.

The worst part, having no idea why or where it started or originated from. Trying to trace back your history over the last decade or so, to try to find out where this might have started from, to try to see if there was any rhyme or reason for this and discovering that there might not be or that you might never find it.

On top of this was getting a first class introduction to electronic harassment, and then having a full intense session for the next 4-5 months. Your very home becomes a torture chamber and you physically tortured with weapons that can actively be denied by the neighbourhood sociopaths who are taking part in these harassment's. You don't get to see or know the damage that has been done and most doctors, either won't openly acknowledge that these exist or they don't realise that these exist and can be used and are being used at none governmental levels.

To find out everything you ever learnt about Democracy and your country is not really true. It's only true under certain conditions, To find out that the world is not really the place that you learnt that it is. It's to live through a silent nightmare that has taken the lives of others, driven others to take their own lives, made other beggar and vagabond on the streets or in jails, made others permanent residents of institutions where they may never been heard from again.

In the midst of this storm you have to find a way to live, to survive, stay alive so that you can share your story with others, so that you can leave for others what others have left for you. To try to understand the living day-mare that has become your life. Somehow through this all you have to find your strength and your character must prevail or you realise that you may not. In the midst of this you learn all about human nature, and all the lessons that you learnt from the past start to make sense.

You learn to understand how the Salem witch trails took place, the Nazi Holocaust, the interment of the Japanese, all those events in history begin to make sense with such clarity, and you vehemently hope for the best, but you constantly remain aware of those who have gone before, and those who will come after. The ones who were not so lucky or so fortunate to find out in time, to try to stem the tide of malice that would over take and conquer their lives.

You learn to adapt to the unfathomable and you try to make others aware of a reality that is just so hard to believe that you would not believe it if you were not living it. Yet you still try, because you realise that awareness is the only way you can make others aware, and maybe get this nightmare stopped, and so you learn to do what you can for yourself and for others.

In the course of all this, I have found a reservoir which I always believed that I would have, should something like this come along, but who would ever believe such a thing could be. I have learnt to have perspective that I did not fully have prior to this. I have learnt in some ways to have less compassion for somethings, and some people, and in other cases to have more compassion for some things and some people.

I have had to cut ties that I thought would last a very long time, but I realise for me to be healthy and well, some times must be severed and so they have been. I not realise that I am most likely in this fight for some time to come and so I plan accordingly and don't look too far ahead, but I remain very vigilant. I find comfort in helping other targets, having a place where they can come and be heard, or just being able to impart my knowledge on them and being able to help them understand and learn what it took me months to do. It' s pretty rewarding helping others, it's something I have always strived to do, and I find even in the midst of this storm I have found new ways to do so, and so that is where I am currently on my path.

Here are some tips I hope can help others going through the same situation. I hope it can give them a basic structure with enough information to help them get adjusted quicker and to arm themselves with knowledge and defend themselves sooner, so that maybe they can stem the tide.

I am becoming the person I wanted to be. I would have preferred avoiding the clip trip through hell to do so, but it's made me a stronger, better, more aware person and much more compassionate about the suffering of others and the realities of the world that I really live in.

1. Try to gain some idea as to when your stalking might have started. Try to narrow it down to a 5 year time frame. If you think you know when your stalking started, think back further and keep looking for the answers. Eg. There is a guy online who thinks his stalking started because he dated a woman who he later learned was married. He thinks that's where it began, however unicorn another forum member suggested that it might have started even before this. The man had mentioned that his friends at work had introduced him to the work site, where he met the woman who ended up getting him stalked. Unicorn thought that the friends from work had set him up to go to that site, meet that woman, and then get into trouble for dating a married woman. Unicorn thought that plots like this happened many years before a target ever realised they were targets. That's why I say when you think you know, go further back and see if there could be anything else.

2. Many targets seems to have strong moral, ethical, or religious beliefs. This is something that a lot of targets do seem to have. They get picked off for being whistle-blowers, dissidents, activists, etc. Again it might appear that these are the reasons, but it could also be that you are placed specifically in such situations so that you will have to blow the whistle and thus getting stalked.

3. I recommend asking for a copy of your FOIA. Freedom of information records. I think this is a good idea at the local and federal levels.

4. You probably have a slander campaign ongoing, with people trying to make it seem as if you are crazy, a sex predator, drug dealer or a combination if not worst. Slander is something they use.

5. When they are in public, they are using a one handed sign language to communicate, look for things like baseball signal. Touching the nose, pulling on the ears, stroking the hair back, Things like that. I believe it's a one handed sign language called Talking Hands. It's a sign language that the hearing impaired use out in public and also the police to communicate.

6. The gang stalking is part of the new community based policing initiatives, that means many people in your community, neighbourhoods, workplaces, school, etc are a part of these programs. They are suppose to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the community. These people cover for each other and go out of their way to harass someone till it's impossible for them to stay in a community, workplace, school, homes, etc.

7. If you file a police report, keep it short and sweet and get a copy. The police have a habit of not filing these reports. Filing them and leaving them blank, or twisting around what you reported to make you seem crazy.

8. The network is becoming international, which presents a real problem for targets. Even when they travel they are not able to find safe places.

9. Places like Amnesty International, and other human rights groups, refuse to help or lend assistance with what is ongoing. It does not mean that you should not try to get help from them, but just be aware of what is happening.

10. Start video taping what they are doing to you, get a camcorder and tape recorder. For you home, also tape record your home when you are out.

11. Stop leaving your food opened, perps have been known to drug and tamper with food, and they will try to make you ill or give you drugs to make you act out.

12. Place extra locks on doors, and windows.

13. In your house and apartment they know where you are because they will install through the wall sensors, which you set off as you walk and that is how they know.

14. Your best defense is a lawyer, if you can find one who knows what's going on and who is willing to take on your case. You should try to find a lawyer that is aware of what is going on with community policing, but who is not a part of the program. You need someone who is aware of what's happening, but who can be neutral.

15. The police and the fire department are involved. The police and the fire department are involved, because the police are the ones who are running, or helping to run these community based program. You can try to get their assistance, but don't count on it, and it has the potential to make your situation worst.

16. Try not to loose your temper out in public. The ones in public are going out of there way to make sure you loose your temper. They will follow you and cough at you, stand too close, they coordinate the actions, if you watch them long enough you will begin to see this. Just look for the hand signals. Usually they will yawn or cover their mouths to start the communication.

17. Don't trust anyone but yourself. The reason behind this is that many people on line are perps. Even people who run support sites, and websites, some are perps. This is true for other community platforms not just gang stalking. For some reason, I guess to throw targets off, we have people who are total perps, pretending to be targets, to gain info from targets, find out stuff about them that can later be used.

18. Anything you share online assume it's public record. Nothing is private nothing is sacred.
This is true offline and online.

19. If you joined the spy network, this might stop the harassment, but I am not sure, and why would you want to join in with villains that are terrorising you.

20. Start an online blog and document all the things that they do. It's important to have some sort of record, let others know what's happening, or just vent a little and get some feedback. Again careful what you say, cause it has the potential to be used in an adverse manner.

21. If you are being gang stalked and you have a family, some of them might already have been compromised. Many targets have families that have been compromised. This would happen long before you discovered you were a targets. If you have a family just be aware of this and take precautions to protect yourself.

22. They will try to put people in your life and get people close to you, it will seem like oh an accidental meeting, unexpected, they will be your sort of person, but they will be placed there to find out info about you, get access to your home, and help with destroying your life.

23. Moving does not seem to help, but if it gets really bad, and you can't handle it, then get out. Nothing is more important than you.

24. In addition to being gang stalking, electronic weapons can be used against targets. These can include, microwave weapons, acoustic weapons, lasers, etc.

25. Youtube and other file sharing sites are a good way to get the word out about gang stalking. Put up videos about gang stalking.

26. Your cellphone can be used to track you, monitor your conversations and bug your home. It's better to not give out your phone number.

27. This rule should actually be number one, it's the one thing that I think that targets should not over look. It has many great applications and benifits and no matter what your spiritual background is, at a time like this you use it for your advantage and pray. To some it will seem hooky or obvious, but for many it's an over looked source and a very important one, so I say pray. Pray often and repeatedly. Pray.

28. Remember you are not alone.

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Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib concentration camps.

Why does no one talk about this? I guess because the United States is the most powerful government on the face of the planet, no one takes the time to mention the fact that they have 2 active concentration camps for men and woman who were housed there.

Just to be clear these are concentration camps. camp where civilians, enemy aliens, political prisoners, and sometimes prisoners of war are detained and confined,
typically under harsh conditions.A place or situation characterized by extremely harsh conditions.[/quote]
Quote:Camps were an essential part of the Nazis' systematic oppression and mass murder of Jews, political adversaries, and others considered socially and racially undesirable. There were concentration camps, forced labor camps, extermination or death camps, transit camps, and prisoner-of-war camps. The living conditions of all camps were brutal.
Some who are being tortured, beaten, raped, killed, or driven to suicide. The health conditions are horrific. The world waits, watches and just let's it continue.

Why don't these things get talked about?
People will look back and say these were horrible things, and there will be law suits and eventually some lame government apology that will mean little or next to nothing, and it will be the same bs. We did what we had to do, we are different now.

These things could never happen again. You know what, it is happening again. We have these camps again, but no one talks about it.
Innocent men and woman were been picked up and forced into these camps. Some were sold into these camps. Some might be guilty but do we know? No because they have not been charged with anything, how can you be truly guilty, if you have not been charged with anything? They have had no charges laid against them, but they have just been placed in darkness and hell by one of the most powerful governments in the world.

The United Nations is doing nothing, and I mean nothing. If any other country on the planet and done this to other human beings, there would be sanctions and censure, but there is nothing.

They lie in hell, darkness and misery, without knowing what they are being charged with, without access to a lawyer, without knowing when and if they will ever get out of those hells.

I always wonder how things like this could happen. How could the German people let this happen to the Jews, how could they have done that?

Why did we intern the Japanese during WWII?

Why didn't the world step in sooner?

Why didn't people protest?

And now I know why. Because I am living in such a time, and it's unbelievable. We sit back and we do this to others, and our excuse is that someone hit us first, just like Hitlers excuse with the reichstag fire.

Quote:This bill, which receives the necessary two-thirds majority with the aid of the Center Party, grants full legislative powers to the cabinet without requiring the assent of the Reichstag. It is the formal basis of Hitler’s power for the remainder of the Third Reich.

Because they told themselves that these people were bad, that they were destroying the country, that they were the heart of what was wrong and that by careening them into these camps, it was for the safety of everyone else. They spread lies and propaganda, and dehumanised them.

History looked back in condemnation, but why can we not stem the tide and condemn this? Why can we not get past our fears, and stupidity long enough to see that what we are doing is wrong, we are now becoming the monsters, that we seek to protect ourselves from? Is our fear so blind that we can not see what we are doing to others?

9/11 and Peal harbour were both horrible events and they gave us the means, motive and opportunity to do a lot of really unpleasant things to others, that we should realise that we should not be doing, but we make excuses, and let things happen to others that we should not.

We preach democracy and what we really mean is democracy for us, but not for others. We invade others countries and occupy them, for illicit false reasons. Yet there are no sanctions, there is no true censor.

The world sits by and watches as this happens again. It not the same numbers as the German concentration camps, I don't know if the numbers come close to the Japanese internment camps, but it's the same actions that we will be apologizing for in the future, but it will be very little and it will be to even less avail. You can't give back a life that you have destroyed.

We tell ourselves that we are doing this to guarantee ourselves and our children's security and protection, but the world has not become a safer place by these actions, it's become less safe if anything. No one calls the camps what they are.

I guess there were sane voices in every time period, ones that saw and recognised the evils of their times. The Germans who hid the Jews, till the evil could pass.

The people who did not go along with interning the Japanese, or who spoke out against it. However these voices are always in short supply during these time periods, or they are being shut down or shut up. That should not be the case.

I wish that these evil times would pass, I wish people would wake up and realise that we are not making the world a safer place, and we will not be until we practice what we preach. It's the biggest hypocrisy, to say that you are a democratic society and that you practice democracy, but then you deny it to others.

WWII I always asked myself. Why didn't the world step in sooner? Now I know why.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The big picture.

I have just been finding out that gang stalking might be very similar to getting weeded out of the community.
In this article that came out last year it talks about the community based policing initiatives, and the similarity to communism systems that have gone before.

[quote]The Weed and Seed Program, recruiting tattling neighbors, and 24-hour a day armed spies, pinpoint potential “trouble makers” to the mesmerized community, and targets them for “weeding.” Weeding means to harass offending individualists to the point of making it impossible for them to remain in the compliant community of smiley-faced Communists.

For real life examples, the children of “individualists” are harassed for running, for walking on the single-lane community roads with no sidewalks, and for playing unsupervised at any age or at any location – even their yards. They are, in fact, ticketed by COPS personnel, and are then told that they will be denied the ability to enjoy the great out of doors if the offending behaviors persist.

Yes, in fact, children who live in deed-restricted and closed communities can be forced to remain indoors at all times or face further penalties, including all rights to community activities. Does this sound like America to you? [/quote]

I don't know about America, but some parts of this sound just like my city right now. Being weeded out of a community that I have done nothing to hurt or harm. Being harassed from job to job and place to place, and realising finally that it's all just part of a larger picture that is coming down the line.

You don't have to be guilty of anything, you just have to be different. Different can mean outspoken, can mean you are single and do not like to mingle, odd, an activist, minority, dissident, just someone who does not fit the type cast, of the community or their snitching programs.

The article also goes on to point out that this system that is coming down the pipeline is not just happening in America, it's happening all over the world, which is true of community based policing.

[quote]Equally, many of these communities hire former military and/or law enforcement to “oversee” and administer the deed-restricted eco-communities and their paid squads. For further examples of social control, I refer you to the communist housing sectors of the Soviet Union and their COPS program called the KGB.

Now, let us also compare Transformational and Fabian Marxism to “Total Quality Management.” TQM is used to “transform” existing organizational structures in business and/or government. TQM has a professional ring to it, no? It also employs group dynamics, strategic planning councils (facilitators and change agents), problem solving, and Systems Management. Hmmm. Looks exactly like Marxism to me, the dialectic in action, so to speak, and another “professional” layer to BS the shift into Communist control in both business and governmental institutions, as well. Now, back to COPS. TQM has, indeed, restructured most police departments in the United States as well as most other governmental departments. Not only have politicians become “facilitators and change agents,” most clearly demonstrated in their pre-panned outcomes and refusal to listen to American citizens, but unbeknownst to most law enforcement personnel, so have they. Once again, COPS is a federally funded program administered through the U.S. Department of Justice. Police are now trained into a “team” concept of law enforcement and community via TQM training. Police are taught to be “facilitators and change agents” in their communities. This is of particular interest, as American living is becoming predominantly deed-restricted, landless, and closed and/or gated “community” living. What you are witnessing is the philosophical shift in traditional policing responsibilities and duties, which used to be tracking down the bad guys and helping citizens, to police becoming “change agents” to push the governmental shift from Constitutional and God-based nation to Socialist/Communist government, landless living, and a diversified, in-crisis, and atheist nation. Sorry, but facts are facts. Refer to the following quote from Socialist Marxist Georg Lukacs about “facilitators:” [/quote]

Well I can tell you that the police here are focusing on change and problem solving, which on paper sounds great, but in other countries where this is happening the results are something quite different.

[quote]“The community of interest generated by crime, disorder, and fear of crime becomes the goal to allow community policing officers an entire into the geographic community.” Did that direct quote from the father of Community Oriented Policing Services sink in? Social chaos is the GOAL that ensures communities enforced with rent-a-COPS. The “crisis” of crime and disorder is the goal for the police officer as facilitator/change agent to enter the community and initiate the paradigm shift from self-determination and Constitutionally guaranteed freedom to Communistic control. Social architects, right now, are training your local law enforcement. We, the taxpayers, are paying for the removal of the only barrier between a tyrannical government and the private citizen. Your neighborhood police officer is becoming that trained facilitator - the Soviet. But why police officers? [/quote]

Scare us into taking part and making our communities, better and safer for our own good, while transforming us into something that we won't even recognise.

[quote]If you are living in a closed, gated, eco, and/or privately policed community, welcome to Communism in America. Welcome to controlled living. Welcome to the world of handing your freedom, your family, your human rights, your opinions, and dignity to armed controllers. And while your children continue their “educations” in the public schools that you continue to support, and then come home to guarded and patrolled communities, welcome to the destruction of your children’s rights to family values, innocence, childhood, freedom, opinion, and future. [/quote]

The good news is that most people will not even notice, and for others that do, they will be long go, before that time fully comes.

The rest will simply fall in line and not object to the changes that are taking place, if they should happen to notice.

[quote]American communitarians promote the same kinds of surveillance and neighborhood informants the communists used to control East Germans. Americans are slowly being taught what East Germans had to learn very quickly. Today the KGB trains "community" police all over America. Our friendly neighborhood cops are saving our communities from criminals and terrorists. [/quote]

I always wondered how the German people were made to fall in line and to start spying and watching each other, how they could be so controlled and brain washed and why they did not rebel. However I see the same thing happening before my eyes, some are being pulled in with lies, some with threats, bullying, intimidation, and some for the power. The same thing is happening, but most people won't see it, and they won't believe it, why should they? It's the scariest thing to see the direction of where the world is heading and to not feel like there is anything you can do to stem the tides or stop the flow.

[quote]Community policing is a federal program under the Department of justice. American community cops are not actually neighborhood cops. Unlike real cops who investigate and arrest people for real crimes, these new cops provide community services. Our new cops are problem solvers. [/quote]

Coming to a city near you. Are you seeing the bigger picture yet? Do you even realise that there is one to be seen?

[quote]LA-21 COPS suggested numerous ways to solve community problems. The new COPS helped local governments rewrite local rules to allow COPS access to private homes. Each community now has a special unit of Community Services Officers (CSO). CSO duties include visiting homes and people in the neighborhoods and identifying personal problems. COPS train all government employees to report any signs of a "threat" while inside homes on routine duties. The list of threats that must be reported includes messy kitchens, unlocked garbage cans, unwashed children, domestic noise, abuse, marijuana growing operations and methamphetamine labs. Workers are trained to log threats into a national ID database program called COMPASS. COMPASS is the acronym for Community Mapping, Planning and Analysis for Safety Strategies. COMPASS was created in 1999 by officials at the COPS headquarters in D.C. [/quote]

Ah just like the old country, but this is not the old country, these are democratic countries and we fought to have these freedoms, and yet we are slowly letting them get erroded.
I just had a glance at the big picture that is a coming down the line. I realise that I will be far from alone, what is happening to me right now, is soon going to be the fate of many others, and this silent insidious sleep that keeps the world lulled to the realities of our times, will not soon be broken and the world will not soon be awoken.

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Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide.

First it was our cars, and then our cell phones, but now you can be tracked with your running shoes?

Relax it not just any running shoes, that's not going to happen for another year or so down the line, but it's coming, and it will be for your own good and your own safety.

These new running shoes are made by Isaac Daniel, who apparently spent millions of dollars to do research to create these shoes that can track you to most places on the planet.

[quote]Days later, the engineer started working on a prototype of Quantum Satellite Technology, a line of $325 to $350 adult sneakers that hit shelves next month. It promises to locate the wearer anywhere in the world with the press of a button. A children's line will be out this summer.
"We call it a second eye watching over you," Daniel said.[/quote]

Or one big bother illuminati eye watching over you depending on how you look at it.
The shoes have a lot of practical uses, if you went to keep track of your kids, all day long, then it's one way to go, provided they don't take off the shoes or loan them to their friends, which we know that kids never do.

It also brings us ever closer to having everything we own tracked and easily located.

[quote]It's the latest implementation of satellite-based navigation into everyday life — technology that can be found in everything from cell phones that help keep kids away from sexual predators to fitness watches that track heart rate and distance. Shoes aren't as easy to lose, unlike phones, watches and bracelets.
The sneakers work when the wearer presses a button on the shoe to activate the GPS. A wireless alert detailing the location is sent to a 24-hour monitoring service that costs an additional $19.95 a month.

In some emergencies — such as lost child or Alzheimer's patient — a parent, spouse or guardian can call the monitoring service, and operators can activate the GPS remotely and alert authorities if the caller can provide the correct password.[/quote]

In some other cases this is a good way to have people keep track of you without you knowing it.

[quote]While other GPS gadgets often yield spotty results, Daniel says his company has spent millions of dollars and nearly two years of research to guarantee accuracy. The shoe's 2-inch-by-3-inch chip is tucked into the bottom of the shoe.[/quote]

Millions of dollars to find one more way that we can all be easily identified and tracked on the planet. However these shoes also have practical applications. For the time being they are optional and until they become popular or common they will not become mandatory.

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Cures all around, well sort of.

It's been a long time since I blogged, so I don't know if I should do five short posts or one really long post.
I guess to keep up my quota I am going to try for five really very short postings, inside of one really long post.

[b]STD Vaccine may not be safe.[/b]

The first it to say that I found out that families can opt out of the forced vaccinations. In Texas although it has not been widely reported families can opt out on religious or moral grounds. This means that your daughter is not required to get the STD shot if she does not want to. This is a good thing, because there are several side effects and some sound more harmful than first anticipated.

[quote]The National Vaccine Information Center yesterday warned state officials to investigate the safety of a breakthrough cancer vaccine as Texas became the first state to make the vaccine mandatory for school-age girls. Negative side effects of Gardasil, a new Merck vaccine to prevent the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer, are being reported in the District of Columbia and 20 states, including Virginia. The reactions range from loss of consciousness to seizures. "Young girls are experiencing severe headaches, dizziness, temporary loss of vision and some girls have lost consciousness during what appear to be seizures," said Vicky Debold, health policy analyst for the National Vaccine Information Center, a nonprofit watchdog organization that was created in the early 1980s to prevent vaccine injuries. [/quote]

I don't know about anyone else, but I would be really concerned about giving a 11, 12 year old a vaccine that will only reduce the chances of cervical cancer by 40%. There are 10 strains of the Human Pap that can lead to possible cervical cancer and this kills only 4. Girls and woman will still have to go for a yearly pap test, no matter what they choose to do. Also the shot is given in 3 stages over 6 months, and so far it's only proven to be effective for up to 5 years, at this stage they don't know if it will be effective past that stage.

The other thing is because it's been on the market for some time, they really do not know if there will be any down the line consequences.

[quote] Merck is heavily promoting the vaccine through its salespeople imploring doctors to provide it and running TV ads urging young women to get vaccinated so there will be "One Less" cancer patient. But physicians disagree with public health officials over whether Gardasil is the panacea for cancer. Clayton Young, an obstetrician/gynecologist in Texas, objects to Merck's claim that Gardasil will prevent cervical cancer. "There is no proof Gardasil will stop cervical cancer," he said. "They haven't been studying it long enough to make that claim." [/quote]

The vaccine may also not really prevent cervical cancer. This has to just be great for those Texas politicians signing the praises of this. I really hope that parents will think twice before subjecting their young prepubescent daughters to these shots.

[b]Reduce HIV transmission in heterosexual men by 50% get circumcised.[/b]

This is really good to know. You can reduce the risk of catching HIV by like 50% just by getting snipped. That is amazing health new and the world should be hearing about this. Texas politicians should be shouting it from the roof tops, but they are not, know why? There is no money to be made from men and boys getting circumcised the same way there is for pre-pubesent girls, and their drug company friends.

They should now be encouraging parents to have their youngster snipped at birth to give them a 50% chance to reduce on of the deadliest diseases in the world, but I have not heard too much information about this in any circles and I think it's a shame. Men should be getting this information for health reasons for themselves and their families.

[quote]Circumcision appears to reduce a man's risk of contracting AIDS from heterosexual sex by half, United States government health officials said yesterday, and the directors of the two largest funds for fighting the disease said they would consider paying for circumcisions in high-risk countries.
The announcement was made by officials of the National Institutes of Health as they halted two clinical trials, in Kenya and Uganda, on the ground that not offering circumcision to all the men taking part would be unethical. The success of the trials confirmed a study done last year in South Africa.
AIDS experts immediately hailed the finding. ''This is very exciting news,'' said Daniel Halperin, an H.I.V. specialist at the Harvard Center for Population and Development, who has argued that circumcision slows the spread of AIDS in the parts of Africa where it is common.

Circumcision works the same all he world over, so whither it's China, India, Africa, America, the world should be getting this important health information and people should be using it to their advantages. Remember if we can slow down the spread of HIV to men, that means less woman with HIV, less children, etc. It's a cycle that can have good effects for lot's of people, but it's something not being loudly and widely acclaimed, because there is no drug company that will make money from these findings.

[quote]Uncircumcised men are thought to be more susceptible because the underside of the foreskin is rich in Langerhans cells, sentinel cells of the immune system, which attach easily to the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS. The foreskin also often suffers small tears during intercourse.
But experts also cautioned that circumcision is no cure-all. It only lessens the chances that a man will catch the virus; it is expensive compared to condoms, abstinence or other methods; and the surgery has serious risks if performed by folk healers using dirty blades, as often happens in rural Africa.

Circumcision is ''not a magic bullet, but a potentially important intervention,'' said Dr. Kevin M. De Cock, director of H.I.V./AIDS for the World Health Organization. [/quote]

It's not a cure all, and neither is the STD shot for girls, but this is giving men a 50% reduction in the chances of getting HIV, the STD shot is giving woman and girls a 40% reduction if even that. Cervical cancer does kill about 3700 woman per year, how many people per year die from AIDS? Everywhere I go I see ads for the STD shot or news stories about it, and yet I have seen little information about the HIV reduction in men and again I think this is because there is no drug company that will be making money from this easy and affordable intervention.

[b]Cure for Cancer on the horizon?[/b]

Could well be that a cure for cancer is on the horizon.

[quote]IT SOUNDS almost too good to be true: a cheap and simple drug that kills almost all cancers by switching off their "immortality". The drug, dichloroacetate (DCA), has already been used for years to treat rare metabolic disorders and so is known to be relatively safe. It also has no patent, meaning it could be manufactured for a fraction of the cost of newly developed drugs.[/quote]

Don't get too hopeful yet, this has only been tested on rats, and humans are a different story. Other things that have worked on rats have not worked on humans, and yet there should have been more in the news about this story. There should have been a Texas politician screaming this out from the roof tops, oh wait there will be no money to be made from his friends in the drug industry so you probably will not hear about this.

This could very well be an exciting future break through, but we really do have to wait and see. However this is a story to keep your eyes on. If you follow the link, it give a link to the Calgary website, that is doing the research and they are keeping everyone updated.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

NOw your 11 and 12 year old daughter can be STD free. :-o,8599,1579707,00.html

NOw your 11 and 12 year old daughter can be STD free. :-o
The drug prostitution firms of the State have found a new way to make some money. In Texas they just announced that they will be making it mandatory for 11 and 12 year old girls to get a 3 part shot that will prevent them from getting the human papillomavirus. (Human Pap is a sexually transmitted disease)

Though this virus can be a health threat to woman who have sex and it can lead to cervical cancer, it should be up to the parents or the girls themselves to choose to get this shot, they should not be forced under state laws to do so. There are a high percentage of sexually active adults who have human papillomavirus. It's primarily harmless to men, but can be cause devastating cervical cancer for woman.

I think it's great that the drug companies have found a way to make money and possibly save lives, provided that we don't find out in 10 years this drug is responsible for other complications, just like thalidomide was. The State however in no way shape or form should be stepping in and telling parents that they have to get their 11 and 12 year old daughters inoculated with this 3 part STD shot. (The drug is approved for girls as young as 9 years old.)

When will the state stop superseding the rights of parents and telling them what to do with their children? I find it outrageous that they want to force school age girls to get these STD shots. I think parents should object on the grounds that it's sexually discriminatory and when they come out with a shot for boys then we can talk, although I would still object to having this fostered on school age children without choice. Personally I don't think the state should be telling parents what to do with their children at 11 and 12 regarding possible future sexually transmitted diseases.

I think the shots are a great idea, but just like the choice of going on the pill or other contraceptives it should not be a forced choice. The government is trying to draw comparisons of this 3 part shot for STD to just like getting your kids inoculated for polio. Polio is communicable via everyday contact which can often not be controlled or prevented. Catching Human Pap is another story. I guarantee you if your 11 or 12 year has human pap is will not be because someone sneezed on them.

I don't see these preventative measure as necessary, I do think that the drug should be available on demand, and when women go in for birth control the suggestion should be made to them, or girls could be taught about this as part of their sex ed classes and then make the choice about what they want to do with their bodies, but to be forced to have this shot is outrageous, and I would hope if any parents were forced to have their daughters get this shot, they would protest that it was discriminatory and unnecessary until at least a later date and time.

The only thing I see the government trying to do in this case is proactively line their pockets, and ensure that their friends in the drug industry have a future supply of customers. Much like any other pill pusher or dealer, they seem to lack any moral or ethical considerations, and they don't care that the young and vulnerable might be affected in an adverse way because of this.

How many young girls might think because they have this shot for one STD, that they are protected from other STD's? How many might think this is a substitute for the pill and go and get pregnant? How many might feel compelled to have sex after getting this shot because the state has told them that they will someday be sexually active, and therefore they must take this STD shot at ages 11 and 12. What does getting a pre-emptive shot for an STD do psychologically and emotionally to a girl that age? How does it affect her future decisions about sex? Sex education is difficult enough for children that age, much less the government setting in and forcing their views and values on these children and their parents.

The other thing about the vaccine not be reported is the fact that it does not protect against all forms of human pap virus. So your young daughter(s) could be forced to go through this for nothing, they could walk away thinking that they are protected against all forms of the human pap virus and this is simply not the case.

Woman over 18 are not being forced to take the vaccine? Maybe because woman over 18 can not be forced to have others agenda's foisted on them the same way a young girl can be.

I think if you live in Texas, it might be a good idea to write to your local constituents and ask them what they are thinking. In fact wherever you live, it might no be a bad idea to preemptive write to your local member of wherever and tell them what you think of this new initiative that might be coming to a town, city, country near you and your prepubescent daughter(s).

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Suburban Spies. New Gang Stalking book?

There is a new book out called Subrban Spies. It's about gang stalking, now whither the target is real, or just another perp pretending to be a target, I can't say at this moment, but since it's my job to keep you all upto date on the latest in the community. I thought I would post the review that the author has provided, with a link to their book. Read and believe at your own discresion.

Subrban Spies
When he realizes he is surrounded by a collusion of people trying to ruin his reputation and destroy him emotionally, he returns to his family and friends for help. To his astonishment, they too had become part of the false life which had been shrouded over him. Anthony flees Canada to begin four years of travel in search of safety and a normal life once again. He battles the secret collusion which follows him to Japan, Italy and China where they riddle his life with difficulty, while he tries to piece together clues to the mystery. In a search for justice he appeals to the Canadian Embassy, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and The United Nations in China where he finds corruption and cover-ups. The collusion of covert espionage makes an attempt to frame him for illegal activity and threaten him with deportation from China. With the assistance of a reporter and foreign governments he manages to escape communist control to safely return to Canada.

In Canada, Anthony speaks with authorities including Canadian Intelligence to see that the iniquity continues, and discovers a Global Surveillance Network which has been secret to the world. This true story is an account of Anthony Brina`s incredible events since 1995, which include a threat on his life, a planted suicide note in his residence, and false accusations of a Police search for him. Who is behind this collusion of espionage activity? Is it family or friends, a government, or perhaps corporations are behind this international mystery? Can you determine who is behind it and why they have chosen Anthony as their victim? As you read his story you realize this could happen to you.

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