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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

To serve and protect 2.

3. Baltimore Police Arrest, Handcuff 7-Year-Old Boy for Riding Bike,2933,259302,00.html
Baltimore Police Arrest, Handcuff 7-Year-Old Boy for Riding Bike on Sidewalk
Saturday , March 17, 2007

[quote]BALTIMORE — Police arrested a 7-year-old boy, handcuffed him and hauled him down to the station house on a charge of riding a motorized dirt bike on a sidewalk.
Then, according to his mother, Gerard Mungo Jr. was handcuffed to a bench and interrogated before being released to his parents.
"They scared me," Gerard told The Baltimore Examiner before breaking down in tears.
Mayor Sheila Dixon apologized Friday for the arrest, and police commissioner Leonard Hamm said it would be investigated internally.
The arrest came after an officer saw Gerard riding his dirt bike on the sidewalk in east Baltimore on Tuesday, police spokesman Matt Jablow said. Hamm, citing the internal probe, declined to discuss how the rest of the incident unfolded.
Kikisa Dinkins said her son was sitting on the bike with the motor off on the sidewalk when an officer grabbed him by the collar and pulled him off.
"I told them to let go of my baby," Dinkins said. "Since when do you pull a 7-year-old child by his neck and drag him?"
Dinkins said she called for a police supervisor to intervene, but the confrontation continued to escalate after the supervisor arrived.
"They started yelling at him, 'Do you know what you did wrong, son?'" Dinkins said. "He was so scared he ran upstairs."
Police arrested Gerard and confiscated the bike.
Dinkins said officers fingerprinted him and took his mug shot. Hamm could not confirm that and said those actions would not have been normal procedure in a non-felony case.
Dinkins said the arrest scarred her son. "This has changed his life," she said. "He'll never be the same."
The Police Department's zero-tolerance arrest policy—begun under former Mayor Martin O'Malley, who is now Maryland's governor—has drawn complaints that such arrests occur most often in poor, black neighborhoods. Gerard is black.
Hamm said the officer had the option of talking with a parent or confiscating the bike. He said that although the city is concerned about nuisance dirt bikes, the arrest "was not consistent with my philosophy of trying to solve problems in the neighborhoods."
The mayor, who appeared Friday with Hamm, said she also planned to look into the case.
"It is clear to me that the arrest was wrong, that the officers on the scene should not have arrested the child, and on behalf of the City of Baltimore I apologize to the boy and his parents," Dixon said.[/quote]

What is wrong with this picture? You know what nothing. Nothing until some people wake up and realise that something is really wrong here. Where do you get off doing this to a seven year old child? I guess you want to get these young black males use to the jail system really early on, and on the least charge. Couldn't you wait till he was at least ten years old. No
come on now, you see some kid sitting outside apparently his own home, on a bike, with the motor off.

You talk to the child, don't come grab him, like he's some criminal. Then continue to ruff him up, and then when your supervisor comes over, who should know better, the same continues. Then while the mother cries cause you are ruffing up her seven year old child, you blatently ignore it, and take the child to jail, where you interigate him, and finger print him, and take his mug shot. Are you out of your minds? Of course not, this is every day behaviour for you, and until these people wake up and stand up, it will continue to be.

Some days I can hardly believe the stories that I am hearing, but why should I not. Until someone(s) stand up, then these sorts of practices will just continue.

Now I wonder if they offered to make him a part of the community snitching programs, as a condition for his release as they do so many other young black males?

This was obhorant behaviour and for so many different reasons. These officers of the law should know better. They should be out getting real criminals, not children sitting on bikes in front of their own homes with the motor off.

To serve and protect?

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Human Stupidity. The Universal Language.

Human Stupidity. The Universal Language.

Ok I just had to bring M. at work in check today. The little target turned Suburban Spy, that now acts like a trained seal for the government.
I use to really wonder how the Holocaust could have happened, but I now realise that human stupidity is universal. So is there inhumanity to each other. These are constants that we can count on.

People will believe any lie, follow just about any philosophy and go along with whatever anyone tells them to do, the analogy of the mindless sheeple, or mindless zombies willing to go along with anything is no joke.

I mean I started out on the same planet with these people, I think. I did a lot of the same schooling, and I socially experienced a lot of the same things, however I do not see myself frantically running around looking for whatever boogieman the government wants to throw out at me from one moment to the next, I will admit that I have my eyes set on communist again but that's just me. You also do not see me mindlessly going along with this new found police state, because everyone else is doing it. Can someone say V for Vendetta, that movie was right on.

If Johnny jumped off the bridge would you? These people would. It's like they did not learn how to think for themselves. I mean it's like they did not grow up in the same democratic society that I did. Was it all just a myth? Did I miss something?

Cointelpro back in the 70's targeted very specific groups. They went after minorities, black, Indian, Puertorrican, they want after women's movements, the new left and now they are targeting the same people. The only difference now is instead of the FBI being segregated and separate like they were back in the day, they are now allowing more members of those groups into their ranks, not necessarily because they care about equality or anything else. It's because they can now use those new recruits to infiltrate and take those groups down better than they ever have in the past.

It's no wonder, they have now learnt to use the members of these groups against the other members. Woman against woman, minorities against minorities, left against left. The very people that have been affected because of these system, and who's children are likely to be affected by these systems are the ones being used to destroy these systems that could have made a difference.

In the 70's they just brutally slaughtered members of these groups, or falsely imprisoned them, now they use the very members of the society that these groups are trying to help to further suppress them. Wither it's the snitches being used in the war on drugs, which I have discovered is apparently not really about a war on drugs, but something quite different, to the war on dissidence. It's one of the worst kinds of betrayals, but it's one of the most prevalent kinds of betrayals.

I always wondered why people go along with these systems? Especially people from the primarily targeted groups? Just like the Jews of the holocaust who got to decide which Jews would go to the slaughter first, do they not realise it will someday be their turn? Maybe they do, and they just hope that by betraying others they will extend their miserable lives that much more.

I think that is the case with M. from work and others like him. He is hoping that by betraying others like me and being a tool of the state he will extend his little existence that much more. Don't count on it, they will use you just the same until it's time and you are of no more use to them.

Human stupidity is universal and so is man's inhumanity to man. The Nazis were just good at exploiting it better than other races.

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Can you keep a secret? Everyone else can.

Can you keep a secret?

Of course you can. If you can have hundreds of thousands of people taking part in some Stasi like State program and keeping their mouths shut, then you can get people to keep quite about just about anything.

People always say that if 9-11 happened and it was done by the US government, someone would have said something or it would have been in the papers, but why would it be?
I have been here in the world for awhile, and did I know anything about these suburban spy programs? No. You have millions of people in these types of programs around the world, keeping the secret, so then why does anyone think someone would spill the beans about 9/11 if they knew?

Compared to 9/11 these spy programs are small fry. If people can keep their mouths shut about these programs, then the trusted ones who would have been let in on the 9/11 secret, would keep that a secret for sure.

I mean if peoples friends, family, etc can all be made to keep their mouths shut for fear of the state over something like a community spy program, then you bet your assets they can be made to keep quite about 9/11, same with our media, etc.

The only thing you can do about 9/11 is take a look at the inconsequential of that time period, that add up to a big consequential, like who cancelled flights, who's flights left days earlier than planned to avoid flying on 9/11

An aeroplane fire is allegedly strong enough and destructive enough to destroy all the people on board, take down 3 buildings, but the wreckage from that leaves the passport of the sleeper terrorist agents in tack? Yeah I like fairy tales as much as the next person, but even I would have to ask some questions about this fairy tale, and the crappy ending that went with it.

These same supposed terrorists who allegedly knew they were not coming back, still packed suitcases, that they left in parked cars for people to conviently find.

People can be lied to, but only if they want to be. I knew there was something going on, I knew that everyone around me were taking part in something. I thought it was something simple, I never dreamed something like this could be going on in the world, much less in my world, and happening to me, but it was. I could never have believed that so many people could keep their mouths shut about something so relevant and encompassing, that was important for me to know, for so long but they did, remorselessly.

It was my own need and perseverance and desire to learn the truth that finally lead me to a place where I have some of the facts about the unbelievable stuff that was happening in my life, that so many people knew about but me. I knew I would have to prepare myself for some betrayal when the truth finally came out, how much I never knew.

If you want to know the truth, you can find it, but be prepared to be hurt, and to feel betrayed, and you might not like what you find, but no one ever said the truth would be pretty. Ever hear that saying, the truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable. Well the truth is, it might set you free, but it might continue to make you miserable.

People can keep secrets, don't fool yourselves, and sometimes it's the people you think you should be able to trust the most, those are the ones that betray you, but you know what if you can deal with that and get past it, the truth is there in all it's refined glory.

Can you keep a secret? Everyone else sure can. If you want the truth about anything, you are going to have to go and find it out for yourself, and many people are not going to make it easy for you. It can be done though.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Gang Stalking. How it's workding.

The Deception.

Apparently Gang Stalking was a form of something that we have seen before. The same year that 9/11 happened a book was written called Terrorist Stalking In America. Author David Lawson. He left everyone with the Impression that Gang Stalking was being carried out by illegal vigilante groups or gangs. The book was called Terrorist Stalking In America.

Now from what I can see, either he is a really bad detective, or he is a government disinfo agent who wrote the book, that is available on the Satellite Stealing website, another popular government project that they had back in the day. I think he wrote the book to throw targets like myself off of what was really happening. Eg. Targets that had never heard of Cointelpro, or Red Squads. We don't want the finger getting pointed at the State and since he's a detective who claimed to work with these stalking gangs, why would we not believe them. Only he failed to mention that they are citizens of the state, for the state. Controlled by the state and allowed to do this stuff with the permission of the state.
The Investigation.

With Cointelpro what they use to do is open up investigations of activists and dissidents. Now with the corporations and private security being all in bed together, just about any of these people can open up an investigation on anyone and it does not have to take much. Just try to assert your rights a little too much.

Your friends family, neighbours, community, co-workers, landlord, business associates, will all be told lies about you, they will be questioned to see what dirt they can dig up, and yes people will follow you around for months. Now back in the day it was the snitches, and paid informants. Today's it's more of the same, mixed in with our fellow citizens. The modern day Red Squads, and community based policing.

Everyone around you still thinks you are a criminal or crazy. Today instead of communist, just insert the word Terrorist and you are good to go.

Modern Day Repression/Cointelpro.

The videos explain in very good details what's happening to some of us. We are not just being stalked in some cases, we are being tortured in our homes and used as State Sanctioned Torture Targets. This is stuff that most people do not, will not and can not write home about.
It's an endless covert war that has you as the target against an army of darkness. Those movies start to make so much more sense now. The world has seen this stuff before.

Some targets of this modern day Cointelpro have again been killed, or they are on the run, many of the old faces are in jail, on the run, been killed, or have never been able to get their lives back together.

We have people on the run because of this. Primarily the minority population, woman, activist, dissidents are being targeted again. The same as it ever was.

Martin Luther King Jr, is one of the most famous targets of this infamous State treachery.

Monitoring the targets.

How do Suburban Spies communicate?

Communicate happens in a number of ways. When on the street or in cars patrolling, they use baseball or Stasi like signals.

These include things like grasping the nose between the thump and forefinger, pointing using the finger and noise for directional signal, rubbing the eyes, watch out target is coming, or touching each corner of the eyes, brushing back the hair 3 times, the infamous double blink to say I know, stroking the side of the chin, pretending to yawn to begin communications, etc.
These are some of the signals our spy force use in the city where I am, and I suspect it's a universal language for signalling, that many also have been used in their country.

It may be based on a one handed sign language that the police use called Talking hands to communicate. There is however a one handed sign language being used amongst them to communicate with each other.

Here is a list of Stasi signals that the East German Army use to use. Stasi secret police.


1. Watch out! Subject is coming - touch nose with hand or handkerchief
2. Subject is moving on, going further, or overtaking - stroke hair with hand, or raise hat briefly
3. Subject standing still - lay one hand against back, or on stomach
4. Observing Agent wishes to terminate observation because cover threatened - bend and retie shoelaces
5. Subject returning - both hands against back, or on stomach
6. Observing Agent wishes to speak with Team Leader or other Observing Agents - take out briefcase or equivalent and examine contents.

Many countries have been repressed like this for years and many people like living under these repressive conditions. They like the purpose it brings to their lives and the sense of connection they feel. They also like the order of a repressed state, no independent thought, no dissident, no one complains, everyone just complies. Great for social order, and conformity, bad for free thinkers and the artistic.

A video about gang stalking, that someone tried to record, to show how they operate.
Here is one gang stalking video with the voice over.

The outfit or operation.

Carrier pigeons

- I named them this, because these are the ones that will follow you onto the subway, or into a store and they will pass on the fact that you are a target and that people need to be on watch for you. So if ever you have no peace when you go to a store, it's our carrier pigeons that you can thank for this. Their only purpose seems to be to make sure that the signal gets passed to at least one other in a group. Then once one person has the signal, you will see it go out like a wave, and then everyone will start doing the same signal.

Suburban Spies.

- They use to be just called foot soldiers, but that is not as classy or as cool, so now they are called Suburban Spies or the S.S. for short. I think it's a far more fitting name for them. These are the ones that follow you around, you know what I mean. They will try to give each other signals on which way to go, which way to walk. They work in 15 min-30 minute intervals and they will usually patrol a target that is stationary or out on the road. You will have the mobile version of these people in the cars.

Fashion police.

- I fondly call them fashion victims. They will in my city prance around in the really bad military outfit. Many don't even try to coordinate an outfit, they will just throw something military on, which classes with everything else and looks just awful. Now for the ones who have been able to pull off the look, I applaud you, it's not easy to coordinate military out fits, or accessories. For the others, maybe hire a fashion coordinator or something I don't know.
In other cities, I understand they do the baseball caps or some other form of coordination. I can not confirm this at present, cause I just have not had the chance to travel. Being stalked in my own city is bad enough.

Merry Melodies.

-I call the ones who have the matching LG phones or those matching MP3 or Ipods. You can always tell, because they will pull out almost the same equipment. I have seen them use it once to identify each other.
Then of course we have the phones. Many of these have been provided by the corporation that is in bed with these people as part of the covert spying things. Let's give a hand to bell for all the donation.

The conductor.

-I call this person the conductor, because they stay on the train the longest and they will usually give directional signals, or tell the uncoordinated spy force where to go, who needs to get off at which stop, and so forth. They basically conduct things.
This person can also be called the handler. I have seen Suburban Spies that are just scared witless of these people. So I don't know what they are holding over some of these people, but it's nothing nice.

If I have forgotten anyone else, or any position that you occupy, I will have to update that stuff later.

The Spotters.

-Sorry I forget to mention you and your important little roles. These ones will stay and they will watch till a target leaves the area, they will report things like if the target, entered the subway and or if they got on the train, and other stuff. You see them all the time, and the moment your back is turned they are radioing your position or where you went on their cell phones, etc.
Now the good. I have seen much better postures the last little while. I mean people are actually taking their roles a little more seriously. I actually saw the guy who works in the store near where I have lunch with a straight posture today. I was in awe.

Also some good North American postures last week. I saw straight marching postures, way better than some of the stuff that I was seeing before.

Now as much as an improvement as the North American persons were, the Eastern Europeans and the Asian members of the spy force still have you beat in many areas.

I guess they have just had longer to practice. Not to generalise, cause I have seen some bad Suburban Spying from this group as well, but I have to say that I was really impressed by two performances last week.

Once was an Eastern European chick, that got off at YM. She had the make up trick down pat, but she also had another trick that I am seeing used more frequently and it's very impressive. Now as a target, I use this myself, so I can't go into too much detail, but the DRMT is one of my favorites.

She had both down pat and so high praise for her and her performance and her outfit.
The other member of your spy force that I would like to draw attention to is this young Asian female, that was at O. last week. She was perfect as a spy. The outfit was militaryish, but also suburbanish. She was so subtle with her signaling, but she was able to conduct the whole platform into place and really good order.

She was so subtle, but so commanding in her lithe frame. I had nothing but high praise for her performance as a suburban spy, and I think the rest of the S.S. could learn from someone like that.

I really just wanted to give her a pin for best performance in a Suburban Spy role. Unfortunately I had to ruin all her efforts, but she was so good at what she did.
Other good things, we still have the kissing couples of course. Pretending to make out while spying good. Over sucking face while doing that, not so good. Cause then it draws the wrong kind of attention. It's called moderation.

The picking of the nose to pass on directional signals, I have said it before, it's crafty, but nasty looking. It's your choice. I see more people doing this now, men and wowen. I guess it's up to you.

Bad Performances.

The spy who threatened to pop a cap on me. Ok. The threat part I understood, but the street theater was just so bad, it was not even funny. Also to the other spies, the scene was straight from my blog postings, hello.

You and the spy from several months ago who was pretending to be on a coke high, worst performances in Street theatre ever.

It was such bad acting. You can threaten people's lives without the bad acting. That's all I am going to say.

There were some other need improvement performances, but I think I can go over those another time. Oh and for the white male who thought it was funny to do the hail Hitler thing, not funny. I see nothing humorous about my society becoming a Stasi State. Maybe you have managed to find some humour in this, but I rather have not.

For the rest, I see some scared targets, everyone looks frenzied and scared. I can't tell you not to be scared, but I also can tell you it's just as much effort to be a little bit brave. It feels easier to frown, but it takes less muscles to smile. We are living in some dangerous and crazy times. People are being lied to, and deceived, and for the ones who know what's really happening, they don't know what to do any more than I do. These reigns are brutal and they will kill and harm their own citizens, that's not a joke. However the people have the power, you always have, you always will, you just have to find a way to reclaim it and stop being so scared and so frenzied. You are scaring yourselves into becoming slaves of the State, and that should frighten you more so than Terrorist, because a State that is all powerful all Omnipotent is more frightening than any terrorist, and they will commit worst actions, all in the name of the law and protecting it's citizens.

What's happening is not right. You can be good citizens and watch out for each other and the society, but you don't have to be snitches and spies for the state. Watch out for each other, and that means keeping an eye on what your governments are asking or telling you to do. Question things, don't fall for everything, or else you will be able to stand for nothing. Rise up and take your power back. You are more powerful than you know.

Just remember "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Benjamin Franklin.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. by Thomas Jefferson.

Keep watch, but not necessarily on each other, on the state that is starting to control your lives more and more. lose both."

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Red Squads.

In doing some recent research, into trying to understand Cointelpro and who things work and are working, and how such a civilian force could have sprung up over night, I found out about these things called Red Squads. I had never heard of them either. The sad part is there is all this buried history, even in recent human past and until something like this happens, most people don't even talk about this stuff, but if you look for it the info and the truth is out there.
Red Squads.
[quote]by Mitzi Waltz Like a vampire who has developed a tolerance for garlic, Red Squads are back. Throughout the Cold War, these guardians of political compliance spied on andharassed law-abiding activists who veered too far left of the political center. Dedicated civil rights advocates and others fought back and won on local, state, and federal fronts. But their success was often short-lived. New technologies; new laws; and increased interaction among international, federal, military, state, and local law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and private corporations are threatening not only to put Red Squads back in business nationwide, but to increase the scope of their power to pry, to harm, and to imprison. With the "International Communist Conspiracy" gone, Red Squads need a new raison d'etre. Studies by RAND the Heritage Foundation, and several private companies in the security industry have provided proponents of the Surveillance State with both a rationale and a blueprint for action. First, these groups have presented research to the law enforcement community documenting that the public can be frightened by the specter of terrorism into accepting and even calling for increased spying.[1] Second, after studying anti- terrorist measures from around the world, they have decided that multi-jurisdictional taskforces offer the best way to circumvent civilian oversight. For example, the RAND report Domestic Terrorism: A National Assessment of State and Local Preparedness, explicitly touts taskforce participation as a way to get around local laws restricting political intelligence work, and also promotes taskforces as a mechanism for putting such operations on the local and state agenda by providing funding, equipment, publicity, and other inducements. And as we shall see, in cities where it operates counterterrorism taskforces, the FBI pressures local police to ditch limits on political spying. [/quote]

[quote]Although community policing has not been as successful in curbing street crime as its proponents might have hoped, it has been a public relations success and enjoys the support of many well- intentioned liberals. But heirs to the Red Squads have found it an excellent mechanism as well. Savvy law enforcement types realized that under the community policing rubric, cops, community groups, local companies, private foundations, citizen informants, and federal agencies could form alliances without causing public outcry. Riding on fears from the trumped-up missing children campaign of the 1980s to the anti-drug hysteria of the 1990s community policing has been the public face of under-the-radar efforts to create an impenetrable web of surveillance and enforcement. And not surprisingly in this age of globalization, the taskforce concept benefits from international support as well. Several anti- terrorism summits held by the G-7 nations since 1984 have advocated building strong national and international multi-agency taskforces, based on the models set up in Germany and the UK.[5] [/quote]

The above article is long, but well worth the read. Click on the link. It's like there is this secret vampire police army that hide in the wings and then at times like this, they show themselves. It's pretty creepy. We always here about what other countries are doing but never out own. When you start to dig however, each society has it's skeletons.
[quote]However, it is their association with fighting communism which provides the basis for the name "Red Squad." They became more commonplace in the 1930s, often conceived of as a countermeasure to Communist organizers who were charged with executing a policy of dual unionism - namely, building a revolutionary movement in parallel with membership in above-ground labor organizations. Similar units were established in Canada in this period, although only the Toronto police used the name. In the late 1960s, as the protests against Vietnam and the general domestic upheaval intensified, the Red Squads augmented their focus, to include dissidents largely outside the labor movement, including therein not just war resisters, but protest movements of all political stripes, including Neonazis, Native American movements, the women's movement, environmentalists, the civil rights movement, and others. The methods employed ranged from simple surveillance to isolated incidents of assassination. Anti-activist police operations were expanded under the Johnson and Nixon administrations, particularly in concert with, and within the cadre of the FBI's COINTELPRO surveillance program, but also including domestic spying by the CIA. [/quote]

Canada and the Toronto Police had this as well. I am guessing the UK had this if the children did.

[quote]The arm of Chicago's law enforcement known alternately as the Industrial Unit, the Intelligence Division, the Radical Squad, or the Red Squad, had its roots in the Gilded Age, when class conflict encouraged employers to ally themselves with Chicago's police against the city's increasingly politicized workforce. Following the Haymarket bombing, Captain Michael J. Schaack orchestrated a vicious campaign against anarchism, resulting in 260 arrests, bribed witnesses, attacks on immigrants and labor activists, and convoluted theories of revolutionary conspiracy. Continuing its use of both overt and covert tactics, such as surveillance, infiltration, and intimidation, Chicago's Red Squad in the 1920s under Make Mills shifted its attention from anarchists to individuals and organizations who the Red Squad believed to be Communist. Casting a wide net, the squad by 1960 had collected information on approximately 117,000 Chicagoans, 141,000 out-of-towners, and 14,000 organizations. After the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the Red Squad expanded its targets from radical organizations like the Communist and Socialist Workers Parties to minority and reform organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Lawyers Guild, and Operation PUSH. After 11 years of litigation, a 1985 court decision ended the Chicago Police Department's Subversive Activities Unit's unlawful surveillance of political dissenters and their organizations. In the fall of 1974, the Red Squad destroyed 105,000 individual and 1,300 organizational files when it learned that the Alliance to End Repression was filing a lawsuit against the unit for violating the U.S. Constitution. The records that remain are housed at the Chicago Historical Society. The public requires special permission to access them until 2012. [/quote]

Wow and we thought the Stasi kept files. For this time period these are a lot of files, why did our history books never teach us about this stuff? Why don't we learn about this stuff in school so that we can make sure that this stuff never happens again?

[quote]During the 1930s and 1940s, the Toronto Police under Chief Dennis "Deny" Draper returned to its function as an agency to suppress political dissent. Its notorious "Red Squad" brutally dispersed demonstrations by labor unions and by unemployed and homeless people during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Suspicious of "foreigners", the police lobbied the City of Toronto to pass legislation banning public speeches in languages other than English, curtailing union organization among Toronto vast immigrant populations working in sweat shops.[/quote]
This kind of stuff goes way back and many of these practices have their hands mixed in with other dirty practices. So this sort of repression is not that new, and they have in times past used our fellow citizens as spies. So if this sort of thing goes that far back, then those people that were spies in each time period would not have forgotten how to spy, and they would ofcourse be called upon to take part again, plus their kids, family, extended family, plus the new generation. That explains how this sort of stuff could happen so fast. I was trying to figure out how over night my city could become a spy state, so this helped me understand it a bit better. LiKe I said, once these people start spying, there is no coming back from that.


Protectors of Privilege: Red Squads and Police Repression in Urban America. - book reviews Monthly Review, Nov, 1991 by Ellen W. Schrecker Perhaps the central irony in Frank Donner's new book about the political repression practiced by urban police forces revolves around the word "terrorism." Touting their activities as necessary to protect American society against the vaguely defined forces of terrorism, the nation's red squads have routinely practiced that which they supposedly guard us against. They use violence and intimidation against their political enemies with a ruthlessness and flagrant disregard of legality that is all the more terrifying because it is done in the name of the law. Whether describing Chicago's Subversive Activities Unit, Los Angeles' Public Disorder Intelligence Division, New York's Bureau of Special Services, or their counterparts in other cities, Donner offers a numbing litany of beatings, buggings, and burglaries--all in the name of law and order. The information that Donner has compiled here will force us to grant much more credit to the red squads in escalating the turbulence of the 1960s and 1970s. At the same time, it offers little hope, given the ideological fervor and secrecy that characterize these outfits, that the illegal surveillance and harassment of dissenters has come to an end. Local police have long been involved in political repression. Throughout the late nineteenth century, when the primary threat to the status quo came from organized labor, police officials often worked directly for big business, taking fees for breaking up picket lines or investigating union organizers. The local red squad leaders soon learned to solicit trade by exaggerating the supposed dangers they were facing. In the process, they adopted a countersubversive ideology that viewed all protest activities as the product of outside agitators.

This ideology was to remain a constant, even as local police departments professionalized their operations and, in the wake of the post-First World War red scare, came to rely much more heavily on surveillance than on disruption. They concentrated on collecting information and keeping files. They also updated their targets, replacing the labor organizers and foreign-born anarchists of the previous century with more modern reds. The conspiratorial, Manichean world-view that red squad members held transformed most situations they encountered into "us" versus "them" confrontations in which, as Los Angeles police chief William Parker indefatigably reiterated, they were "the thin blue line" preserving American freedom from the Communist menance. In many cases, the cops' outside affiliations reinforced their political biases. About a hundred Detroit policemen belonged to the Black Legion, a Ku Klux Klan-type organization, in the 1930s and 1940s. Two thousand of Los Angeles' finest were members of the right-wing John Birch Society in the early 1960s. More importantly, however, the red squads were themselves right-wing organizations that were an important part of the broader national countersubversive network. Intelligence units often worked closely with right-wing extremists. In Bull Conner's Birmingham during the 1960s, the head of the red squad was in charge of coordinating activities with the KKK. In the late 1960s, Chicago police protected the far-right Legion of Justice when it burglarized the offices of left-wing organizations and set off stink bombs at performances of the Soviet ballet and Chinese acrobats. From the 1930s on, selected journalistic and congressional investigating committees like HUAC provided outlets for the public release of information from red squad files. [/quote]

So apparently this sort of Red Squad repression rears it's ugly head ever so often, and of course the generation that too part in it remember and they never stop being spies for society and so that's how this is working. It makes sense a little bit more now, why I work up to the dawn of the dead, with the zombie spy force. I wondered how so many people could have been taken over in such a short space of time, but this sort of things has been going on for decades and the spies of the past are the spies of today, of course the older generation from this country and other countries have seen this before also and know of times like this. I have had no practice with times like this in recent memory, and so I had to go back to the archives to find out what for many is probably a proud family tradition.

I can honestly say, you learn something new everyday.

The articles are amazing and interesting and I suggest you take the time to read them all, if you get a chance. Also if anyone has any more info on this Red Squads which are back in full swing, I would love to hear more, or learn more. Just post a comment.

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The Trojan Horse of the Russians 2

A while back I posted about what I called the Trojan horse of the Russians. I said that based on what I was seeing that I thought somehow they had tricked us and that somehow they had won.
I said that somehow they seem to be coming back in a big way, and not only are they running somethings in society, but that our societies now mirror what we feared and reviled or at least said that we reviled just 20 years ago. We have become red.

Well I thought maybe this was just my ramblings, but on a recent forum posting someone else was kind enough to give me some links, and apparently I am not the first person to have had this idea. In fact before the walls ever fell, someone had written a book to say that it was a plot that the Russians had had, and that it was all part of a long range plan to conquer the West. Sounds far fetched right, but here we are, and looks who is back with a vengeance and look at our society and tell me that he's wrong.

Below are the links this poster was kind enough to direct me to. Well worth having a read.

As per the predictions of Anatoliy Golitsyn
the USSR never really 'fell' and simply changed shape to better handle the challenges that were arising while not having to keep up the pretenses of the past. [/quote]
[quote]Yet someone had predicted glasnost and perestroika, in detail, even before Gorbachev came to power. This person's analysis of events in the communist world had even been provided to the Agency on a regular basis.

In 1982, KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn had submitted a top-secret manuscript to CIA. In it, he foresaw that leadership of the USSR would by 1986 "or earlier" fall to "a younger man with a more liberal image," who would initiate "changes that would have been beyond the imagination of Marx or the practical reach of Lenin and unthinkable to Stalin."

The coming liberalization, Golitsyn said, "would be spectacular and impressive. Formal pronouncements might be made about a reduction in the Communist Party's role; its monopoly would be apparently curtailed.... The KGB would be reformed. Dissidents at home would be amnestied; those in exile abroad would be allowed to take up positions in the government; Sakharov might be included in some capacity in the government. Political dubs would be opened to nonmembers of the Communist Party. Leading dissidents might form one or more alternative political Censorship would be relaxed; controversial plays, films, and art would be published, performed, and exhibited."

Golitsyn provided an entire chapter of such predictions, containing 194 distinct auguries. Of these, 46 were not soon falsifiable (it was too early to tell, e.g., whether Russian economic ministries would be dissolved); another 9 predictions (e.g., of a prominent Yugoslavian role in East-Bloc liberalization) seemed clearly wrong. Yet of Golitsyn's falsifiable predictions, 139 out of 148 were fulfilled by the end of 1993 -- an accuracy rate of nearly 94 percent. Among events correctly foreseen: "the return to power of Dubcek and his associates" in Czechoslovakia; the reemergence of Solidarity" and the formation of a "coalition government" in Poland; a newly "independent" regime in Romania; "economic reforms" in the USSR; and a Soviet repudiation of the Afghanistan invasion. -Golitsyn even envisioned that, with the "easing of immigration controls" by East Germany, "pressure could well grow for the solution of the German problem [by] some form of confederation between East and West," with the result that "demolition of the Berlin Wall might even be contemplated." [/quote]

Then the other article was just as fascinating.
[quote]Golitsyn's book is actually about strategy, psychological warfare and how to organize the implements of deception (of higher, intellectual warfare). Various tricks are discussed in the book. One trick is that of pretending to be at odds with those you are secretly allied with. Another trick is to reorganize your society and declare your own defeat in order to disarm an opponent. These tricks are thoroughly discussed by Golitsyn, who is blessed with analytical and strategical understanding. [/quote]

If an enemy could organise and plan a modern day Trojan Horse, then can victory be far off? If this really was a long range plan of Russia, then it was brilliant, and we like the the enemies of the Greeks, have slept and partied, while our enemies quietly and stealthily slipped into our shores and took over from the inside out.

I have not had a chance to read the books yet, but I look forward to hearing more about this long range plan. I no longer doubt that this is a plan that could have been planned, plotted and executed. I just wait to see what the outcome is going to fully be. Apparently the author of the books is in hiding. So the question is, is he a true target or a deep under cover agent, waiting for the signal of victory to be given? Stranger things have happened.

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A world enslaved.

A world enslaved?

Who would believe it unless they were living it, but that seems to be where we are heading.
A year ago you could not have convinced me of this, and you could not have done anything to get me to believe that people in Canada, America and the UK, were walking around in Stasi like conditions. I just would not have accepted that people from those societies would have so easily given up their wills to go along with something that will not only enslave them, but their children and grandchildren, but here I am a year later and I am a believer.

In my city we have a civilian spy force that encompasses most of the city. People are being cohered into spying on each other, and into spying on others. They are allowing themselves to be used like this. I mean did they grow up in the same society that I did? I just can't believe how quickly they have given up their wills. Their freedom, their ability to choose to not go along with this, but I am seeing it, living it, and finding it so hard to believe.

Had a bit of street theater today. I was on the train and I had some suburban spy, pretending to be crazy threaten my life. Like I said pretending to be crazy, but he he knew what he was doing, and saying. I am guessing my postings online and actions offline are being loved and adored by he powers that be. This is the second occurrence of this, let's not forget my friend with the very long knife also recently. However anyone who has gone before or who will come after knows that these people are dangerous and lethal, so we take nothing for granted and yet we must live as we see fit to do.

I can honestly say that though this was street theater, it's not to ever be taken lightly, these people are dangerous and they have eliminated others in the most violent and extreme ways at times past in society. The survivors of Cointelpro 1 some of whom are still being hunted down today, or in jail could tell you. Some of the one's who didn't survive our year of the gun could tell you also.

My question is how far back does this slave society, this prison planet go? I mean this concentration is nothing new. In doing reading and research they tried to have a spy force back in WW1 there has also been spying at Universities and Colleges since then, so I can only guess that this goes back a bit. How I could have missed this is beyond me, but it seems to be more recent times that we are seeing a more overt manifestation of something that has always been ongoing.

People are scared out of their wits by this, and they should be. The state is a dangerous and cruel master, and if you give your will over to the state, prepare for a brutal and unmerciful master at the helm. Social control like this is the only way you could ever hope to control a global population. Think global and act local. I just don't understand how the men and woman of this time could go along with this, could give over their wills to this. So many and in such a short space of time? Well so many, but since I don't know the time frame we are looking at, it's hard to say, how long this has been working for? How long have things been like this for?

All I know is that these people help commit some of the worst things on the planet, and the people in our societies are just going along with this. It's heart rendering to see people that are so subdued. The worst slavery is when you do not know that you are bound and they are bound.
Someone on my forum was saying that the social control is very similar to how cults control their populations. I have never been a part of a cult so I don't know, but how do people get free of cults? Considering this is a global cult or soon to be once the other free nations are subdued, how do people break free? It's so funny, if all the people tomorrow could just pull it together and decide that they just were not going to go along with this anymore, then it would end, but that's always the joke of every forced and controlled society. The people always have the power to defeat it, but they are always too scared, or they just don't believe that they have the power and so the state gets them to control each other. It's like the wizard in the land of Oz, this little puny guy, who scared the heck out of people, and yet he's just this puny guy, pulling some very powerful strings. Everyone has the power somewhere to click there heels and somehow get out of this but yet they won't.

At least since I have start blogging, I have seen better formations. If you are going to work for the state then you should walk and march like it. That's the only plus side that I have seen so far. I also know that systems like this in the past did not necessarily get defeated with open rebellion, some were defeated because the people quietly rebelled and they were able to over come, but this is crazy, and when I see something like this, I can't help but be open about it. I mean for the sake of the innocent that are up and coming, someone has to speak out about what is happening.

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The snitches shall inherit the earth?

It's amazing that you can teach people to spy and snitch on each other, but you can not teach them common courtesy. They don't look out for each other. They have not learnt to respect each other, only how to betray each other.. They do not look out for the needy and the poor of society, no in fact this has given many an excuse to turn ones eye down and look down on others, who are perceived as different, or less superior. They do not look out for the mother and the child in need of a seat, oh no, they are too busy looking for the depraved terrorist amongst them, or the crazy person. Maybe take a look in the mirror people, do you really like what you see?

We have taught them to follow orders without question, to betray moral decency and basic civil humanity, but we have not taught them to give their seats to the elderly or disabled. There eyes go to and fro to everywhere but not to the things that really matter or that have consequence.

They can teach the child to snitch but not to behave or have basic respect for their elders. They now spend so much time focused on the inconsequential that they have forgotten to focus on the things of consequence, the things that had value and meaning, the things that made them human. You can teach them many things, but apparently to love and respect one another is not one of them.

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Mindless Conformity.

Well I have had a couple more opportunities to test out the brilliance of the suburban spy force, who will from here on in be fondly referred to as the S.S. I think that title is very well suited for them.
The SS is what the German soldiers of a time past were called and now that is what these ones will now be called, because I think the name rather suits them.
Anyways I had an opportunity a couple of days ago to see if our spy force were up to their nasty tricks again. I saw some woman screaming at the top of her lungs, heading onto the subway. Now from a distance I was not sure if she was just another annexed victim of society or if she was indeed being harassed by our new SS. So I got on the same train car to check.
Well I could not see anyone around obvious that could be bothering her, so I left it at that. She was white, about medium height, short brown hair, red jacket, and I think she had colourful eyes of some sort, but it was hard to tell as she was screaming out her lungs about the end of the world and repenting. Now since I didn't see anyone obviously bothering her, I left it at that and got off the train when she did at the next stop. She headed outside and I figure screaming on the streets is no ones business but hers, so I left it at that. Plus since she was screaming about the end of the world, who am I to judge her as crazy? With all the weird things happening now, she could be on the right track, plus her screaming had subsided.
After I got off the train I then realised of course since my lovely computer is probably being tracked all over the city, I say this with good reason, that it might have shown me at the location and the brilliant spy force, and the masters pulling their puppet strings, might have chalked it up to me screaming at people on the train. God knows they are sleazy enough for anything. After that incident at the library with the frisky perp I think that they are capable of saying and doing just about anything. I am happy to say that in the 8 years or more of getting gang stalked I have managed to not have any sessions where I had to yell at any of these creatures in public. God knows the temptation has been there however.
The point with this clip trip is I didn't see any obvious signs that she was being bothered and since I could not see anything that happened before her outburst I could not predict if she was targeted or not, but I was tending towards not. Which reminds me that I still have not been able to follow up on the bug lady, whom I do believe is a target of this harassment. She is white, petite about her 40's, I came across her recently and I am sure that she is a target of this. I have tried to clue her in to what was happening, but I don't know if my message was received.
Also the coworker who has been placed beside me full time to spy on me, the one that I mentioned that use to be a target, but is now one of them, I just found out that he had a military background. I was not aware of this, and now it has me wondering if this is where his targeting might have started from? I have met many people who have told me that they had military connections. I can't recall what he said he did in the military, it has something to do with communications and weapons. Now there is another target who runs a gang stalking site and he use to be in the military.
So the force were in better form over the last couple of days, which is good to see. I saw almost marching poses, and straight backs on many of the ones who were stalking me over the last couple of lunches. Usually you get the ones with the dreadful postures, and they look just dreadful as suburban spies. The last couple of days they were in better form. However the ones on the train are still in need of work. No offence to them.
One really good mention that I found in particularly good form recently not only had the make up trick down pat, but she was also working with one of my favorite tricks, which I call TDRMT. Now as a target I use this one myself, so I can't go into any details, but she got top marks from me for the performance. She looks sort of eastern European, short dark hair, a SS if I ever saw one. The outfit to match. Now I know the SS force need to have people who look regular, but they really need to work on some of these people. Eg. The overly pushy female from yesterday. I love the ones that are so overzealous at what they are doing, that they end up being just so bad at it. This was here, and then she had attitude to boot. I clearly would not have given this one the red badge of courage or anything else. SS like this are irritating, not good at what they do, and oh where do I begin. I have seen many more people using the picking at the nose to mask directional signals, now again very effective, but can I just once again say gross.
I have seen slightly better coordination this week, but I can't believe that they are using these people for Suburban Spying. I see constant gaps, and things that they should be paying attention to, but because they are too busy with the harassment of people like me, they are busy missing these things. Being stalked and tracked like an animal has made me more observant to say the least, but it's also made me realise that these people are not going to save the city from anything, but themselves. At the core they are just average people, and they are keeping an eye out in the course of their day to day jobs, but only what they are being told to watch for. I could explain it, but why bother.
So the city in reality is no safer at all, and all that is happening is that we have people tracking the wrong people in my opinion. They are going after people who might actually be smart enough to help them should an emergency happen. These people are well left up to their own fate. The things they should be watching they are not, and the things that they should be not watching that is where their eyes are glued.
Busy bodies can be a good way to know which laundry detergent this and that person is using, and who is sleeping with who and who's child is wearing second hand clothing, but this information is only going to go towards black mailing people later on. I am not sure it would ever actually go towards saving the city.
Then you have the spy force that has to see which products targets buy, and which brands they use. This can be effective, except by now, much like the people who make home made drugs, real terrorist would have figured out a work around that these people would not be looking for I am sure.
Their flaws are obvious and just as easily exploitable as ever. I am glad I ended up on the hunted side of the blanket. I mean I am not glad to have my life interrupted this way, but it's made me a better person, I can honestly say that. It's given me more substance, something that many of these people lack or start to lack after doing this for awhile, and substance is what you need to see things around you clearly, not a bunch of scared mindless, conformist robots that jump at the sight of their own shadows.

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Same coin, different sides.

Fast swift and sure, instead it's slow, sad, insidious and silent.

It's weird cause whenever anyone talks about the end of things and people's hearts growing cold and this and that, I always picture it happening over a really short space of time.
Instead what we are seeing is this slow and silent death of our society. Everything is silence and if people could only get their voices back it would be ok somehow, instead the gentleman have come to town and they have taken all the voices and they are stealing hearts one right after another with no one to stop them. It's so sad.

I see a lot of the things that are happening and I feel sorry for some people. Others I have no remorse for whatsoever, they will enjoy themselves when the true nature of this shows and reveals itself. Everyone is so busy looking out the front door for terrorist, that they have let the communist in the back door. The society has changed to an unspeakable degree, or maybe it was always like this and I just missed it? I don't know. I mean these spy agencies have been in existence for almost ever and they have it would seem always been spying on the unsuspecting public.

I feel so sorry for these people that so wanted security that they would give up freedom, and now they are bonded and bought slaves, who have willing sold their freedom, for preserved security. I don't know how to tell them it's not the truth and they have been terribly lied to. Oh well, who says that it's my place to. Ignorance is bliss for many and this remains true. People like living in bliss, just going along with whatever is happening. I read somewhere that the Germans of WWII thought that was a really great time in German history. Many of them did not perceive things the way that the rest of the world did at that time. I guess it's just like anything else, when you are on the inside looking out, you can't see clearly, but when you are on the outside looking in, your perspective is very different.

People are so jumpy and scared and nervous. We have well over 90% of our train population going along with this spy game, which makes me wonder about the percentage of Canadian society that has already been abducted into this.

I always wondered how a whole planet of people would subject themselves to being bound and marked, why there would not be more protest, but your break the will of the people first, you make it yours, you get them to control each other, social control. This is the only way that global dominance could be or would be possible. I see that now. I had always wondered what the conditions would be like in the world that would allow such things to happen and now I know.
I know that the human spirit longs to be free, but all too often people are willing to give over their will to something else, to others who they think know better than they do, even when something inside of them might be telling them that what is happening is not right, they are still all too happy to be going along with everything else, and everyone else.

I hear all these muted whispers from others that are going through similar, the ones who have never heard of gang stalking. End of the world stuff happening are the silent whispers. Most people unwisely don't believe in this stuff anymore so it's easy to slip this in through the door. What's that saying? The greatest trick the devil ever played was to get the world to believe that he doesn't exist. Something like that. Whatever you believe it, some strange things are happening in society and in the world, and it doesn't seem to be a coincidence.

I see these people and I realise that we are not that different, we all want to be safe and secure, we all I assume want to protect our society and keep those that we love safe, but where they are willing to take away the rights and freedoms of others, innocent others to make themselves feel safe, I am not willing to do this. I am not willing to give up my freedom for a false sense of security and I am not willing to stay ignorant when the truth tries to start peeking it's way through the dark clouds of ignorance. We are not that different in some regards, but in others we are worlds apart. Yet we are all bonded together because the fate these people share is the fate we all could share, because we are all human at the end of the day. I have by choice and reason ended up on this side of the coin and the others have chosen the other, yet we are still on the same coin, spinning and working it's will, and it does not seem to matter if it comes up heads or tails, because the human race is probably going to lose either way. It's already begun, boundless human slaves. There bodies are free, but their minds, souls, hearts and wills are all captive. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, but when you start watching, make sure that you know what you should really be keeping your eyes peeled for.

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STD shot, not safe or effective.

Is your daughter a test subject for this STD shot?
This post is just a quick follow up to the Now your 11, 12 year old daughter can be STD free.
[ex]Harper is a professor and director at the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at Dartmouth, and told the publication that there "is not enough evidence gathered on side effects to know that safety is not an issue."
Harper, who has spent much of the last 20 years studying dozens of strains of HPV, said all of her trials have been with subjects ages 15 to 25, and personally she believes the new vaccine could offer help to women ages 18 and up. [/ex]
Not enough evidence to say that safety is not an issue.
[ex]This vaccine should not be mandated for 11-year-old girls," Harper said. "It's not been tested in little girls for efficacy. At 11, these girls don't get cervical cancer – they won't know for 25 years if they will get cervical cancer."
She said the vaccine is not a cancer vaccine or cure – it just prevents development of a virus that could lead to cancer.
"For the U.S. what that means is the vaccine will prevent about half of high-grade precursors of cancer but half will still occur, so hundreds of thousands of women who are vaccinated with Gardasil and get yearly Pap testing will still get a high-grade dysplasia (cell abnormality)," she said.
Harper also reported that the drug company "bridged" the studies to apply to young girls. That means that Merck assumed that because it proved effective in the older girls, it also would be effective in the younger girls.
And she warned more than 40 cases of Guillian-Barre syndrome – an immune disorder that results in tingling, numbness and even paralysis of the muscles – have been reported in girls who got the HPV vaccine in combination with a meningitis vaccine. [/ex]
So not necessarily proven effective in younger girls. Younger girls might I add who are being forced to get this shot.
Oh and also 40 cases of some syndrome which can lead to an immune disorder. Oh why are parents running out and putting their children at risk like this?
[ex]She said the vaccine's purpose has been misinterpreted and mis-marketed so that too many may believe if they've had the vaccine they are immune to cancer – when they are not. [/ex]
Only for people and parents who did not do the research, which I guess is what they count on.
[ex]While calling the vaccine "good" Harper said it is important to realize that if women get the vaccine, but not an routine Pap smear, "what will happen in the U.S. is that we will have an increase in cervical cancer, because the Pap screening does a very good job."
I think I remember saying something like that also. 20 years from now, we could have more cancer than we do now, if woman think they can stop pap tests because of this.
[ex]Texas Gov. Rick Perry in February issued an executive order requiring those vaccinations, but the state House of Representatives in Texas has approved by a 6-1 margin a plan to rescind that.
I really hope that they do rescind the mandatory requirements. Next time the drug pimps want to play with someone, maybe the parents of America will stand up and say, not with our children.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

To serve and protect.

This is your hard earned tax dollars at work. These are the people that you are hiring to serve and protect you. Now he wasn't on the beat at this moment, or else the woman in this video would probably be dead.

She is 115 pounds, 5-1. He's 260 pounds, 6'1. On refusing to serve him more alcohol this was his reaction. Now since he was drunk he probably mistook her for his wife or something and pounded the living daylights out of her.

Had the camera not picked this up, he would have gotten off with a misdemeanor charge. Lesson number one, when dealing with the cops make sure it's caught on tape. They will get away with it every time unless it's caught on tape. 12 years of being on the force and this is how he acts, can you imagine what he has done to others when he was in uniform with a gun and a badge?

We always here that cops are just people like the rest of us, but you know what, the rest of us are not carrying guns and do not get off Scott free when we do things like this in society.

Many people will say well he's not getting off Scott free, and I say that's because the camera said what could not be said, otherwise he would have.

This is the most disgusting thing that I have seen in a very long time. To watch this guy beat her like she was a piece of meat and knowing that this is who is suppose to be helping to serve and protect the citizens of Chicago, it's just mind numbing and this is not isolated to a few bad apples, it's just unless it's caught on tape like this, so we can really see what's happening, you would have had a misdemeanour charge.

It's more than a few bad apples, and these people have to understand, that though they are human and they are entitled to a bad day, and they do a stressful job, that does not give them the right to act like this in any capacity, and the fact that he was not on the job, or drunk does not excuse the behaviour, I am sure if he acts like this in one capacity, he is fully capable and able to act like this in other capacities.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Rules for dealing with Cointelpro Infiltration.

Thankfully those who have gone through this or similar, have left behind something for future generations, so that they could have better ways of dealing with these new modern day Cointelpro opperations. I am going to repost these great guidelines that I found for dealing with Cointelpro.
Tips for dealing with Infiltration. These are guidelines, but realisitically do what you have to do to protect your movements.
Cointelpro: Civil Liberties Under Threat
Downloaded from AMNET 312-436-3062 Chicago's Civil Liberties BBS Civil Liberties Under Threat By Brian Glick
Part Two
l. Establish a process through which anyone who suspects an informer (or other form of covert intervention) can express his or her fears without scaring others. Experienced people assigned this responsibility can do a great deal to help a group maintain its morale and focus while, at the same time, centrally consolidating information and deciding how to use it. This plan works best when accompanied by group discussion of the danger of paranoia, so that everyone understands and follows the established procedure.
2. To reduce vulnerability to paranoia and "snitch jackets", and to minimize diversion from your main work, it generally is best if you do not attempt to expose a suspected agent or informer unless you are certain of their role. (For instance, they surface to make an arrest, testify as a government witness or in some other way admit their identity). Under most circumstances, an attempted exposure will do more harm than the infiltrator's continued presence. This is especially true if you can discreetly limit the suspect's access to funds, financial records, mailing lists, discussions of possible law violations, meetings that plan criminal defense strategy, and similar opportunities.
3. Deal openly and directly with the form and content of what anyone says and does, whether the person is a suspected agent, has emotional problems, or is simply a sincere, but naive or confused person new to the work.
4. Once an agent or informer has been definitely identified, alert other groups and communities by means of photographs, a description of their methods of operation, etc. In the 60s, some agents managed even after their exposure in one community to move on and repeat their performance in a number of others.
5. Be careful to avoid pushing a new or hesitant member to take risks beyond what that person is ready to handle, particularly in situations which could result in arrest and prosecution. People in this position have proved vulnerable to recruitment as informers.
Bogus leaflets, pamphlets, etc.: COINTELPRO documents show that the FBI routinely put out phony leaflets, posters, pamphlets, etc. to discredit its targets. In one instance, agents revised a children's coloring book which the Black Panther Party had rejected as anti-white and gratuitously violent, and then distributed a cruder version to backers of the Party's program of free breakfasts for children, telling them the book was being used in the program.
False media stories: The FBI's documents expose collusion by reporters and news media that knowingly published false and distorted material prepared by Bureau agents. One such story had Jean Seberg, a noticeably pregnant white film star active in anti-racist causes, carrying the child of a prominent Black leader. Seberg's white husband, the actual father, has sued the FBI as responsible for her resulting still-birth, breakdown, and suicide.
Forged correspondence: Former employees have confirmed that the FBI and CIA have the capacity to produce "state of the art" forgery. The U.S. Senate's investigation of COINTELPRO uncovered a series of letters forged in the name of an intermediary between the Black Panther Party's national office and Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver, in exile in Algeria. The letters proved instrumental in inflaming intra-party rivalries that erupted into the bitter public split that shattered the Party in the winter of 1971.
Anonymous letters and telephone calls: During the 60s, activists received a steady flow of anonymous letters and phone calls which turn out to have been from government agents. Some threatened violence. Others promoted racial divisions and fears. Still others charged various leaders with collaboration, corruption, sexual affairs with other activists' mates, etc. As in the Seberg incident, inter-racial sex was a persistent theme. The husband of one white woman involved in a bi-racial civil rights group received the following anonymous letter authored by the FBI:
--Look, man, I guess your old lady doesn't get enough at home or she wouldn't be shucking and jiving with our Black Men in ACTION, you dig? Like all she wants to integrate is the bedroom and us Black Sisters ain't gonna take no second best from our men. So lay it on her man--or get her the hell off [name]. A Soul Sister
False rumors: Using infiltrators, journalists and other contacts, the Bureau circulated slanderous, disruptive rumors through political movements and the communities in which they worked.
Other misinformation: A favorite FBI tactic uncovered by Senate investigators was to misinform people that a political meeting or event had been cancelled. Another was to offer non-existent housing at phony addresses, stranding out-of-town conference attendees who naturally blamed those who had organized the event. FBI agents also arranged to transport demonstrators in the name of a bogus bus company which pulled out at the last minute. Such "dirty tricks" interfered with political events and turned activists against each other.
Fronts for the FBI: COINTELPRO documents reveal that a number of Sixties' political groups and projects were actually set up and operated by the FBI.
One, "Grupo pro-Uso Voto," was used to disrupt the fragile unity developing in l967 among groups seeking Puerto Rico's independence from the US.The genuine proponents of independence had joined together to boycott a US-administered referendum on the island's status. They argued that voting under conditions of colonial domination could serve only to legitimize US rule, and that no vote could be fair while the US controlled the island's economy, media, schools, and police. The bogus group, pretending to support independence, broke ranks and urged independistas to take advantage of the opportunity to register their opinion at the polls.
Since FBI front groups are basically a means for penetrating and disrupting political movements, it is best to deal with them on the basis of the Guidelines for Coping with Infiltration.
Confront what a suspect group says and does, but avoid public accusations unless you have definite proof. If you do have such proof, share it with everyone affected.
l. Don't add unnecessarily to the pool of information that government agents use to divide political groups and turn activists against each other. They thrive on gossip about personal tensions, rivalries and disagreements. The more these are aired in public, or via a telephone which can be tapped or mail which can be opened, the easier it is to exploit a groups' problems and subvert its work. (Note that the CIA has the technology to read mail without opening it, and that pay telephones can now be programmed to record any conversation in which specified political terms are used.)
2. The best way to reduce tensions and hostilities, and the urge to gossip about them, is to make time for open, honest discussion and resolution of "personal" as well as "political" issues.
3. Don't accept everything you hear or read. Check with the supposed source of the information before you act on it. Personal communication among estranged activists, however difficult or painful, could have countered many FBI operations which proved effective in the Sixties.
4. When you hear a negative, confusing or potentially harmful rumor, don't pass it on. Instead, discuss it with a trusted friend or with the people in your group who are responsible for dealing with covert intervention.
5. Verify and double-check all arrangements for housing, transportation, meeting rooms, and so forth.
6. When you discover bogus materials, false media stories, etc., publicly disavow them and expose the true source, insofar as you can.
Pressure through employers, landlords, etc.: COINTELPRO documents reveal frequent overt contacts and covert manipulation (false rumors, anonymous letters and telephone calls) to generate pressure on activists from their parents, landlords, employers, college administrators, church superiors, welfare agencies, credit bureaus, licensing authorities, and the like.
Agents' reports indicate that such intervention denied Sixties' activists any number of foundation grants and public speaking engagements. It also cost underground newspapers most of their advertising revenues, when major record companies were persuaded to take their business elsewhere. It may underlie recent steps by insurance companies to cancel policies held by churches giving sanctuary to refugees from El Salvador and Guatamala.
Burglary: Former operatives have confessed to thousands of "black bag jobs" in which FBI agents broke into movement offices to steal, copy or destroy valuable papers, wreck equipment, or plant drugs.
Vandalism: FBI infiltrators have admitted countless other acts of vandalism, including the fire which destroyed the Watts Writers Workshop's multi-million dollar ghetto cultural center in l973. Late 60s' FBI and police raids laid waste to movement offices across the country, destroying precious printing presses, typewriters, layout equipment, research files, financial records, and mailing lists.
Other direct interference: To further disrupt opposition movements, frighten activists, and get people upset with each other, the FBI tampered with organizational mail, so it came late or not at all. It also resorted to bomb threats and similar "dirty tricks".
Conspicuous surveillance: The FBI and police blatantly watch activists' homes, follow their cars, tap phones, open mail and attend political events. The object is not to collect information (which is done surreptiously), but to harass and intimidate.
Attempted interviews: Agents have extracted damaging information from activists who don't know they have a legal right to refuse to talk, or who think they can outsmart the FBI. COINTELPRO directives recommend attempts at interviews throughout political movements to "enhance the paranoia endemic in these circles" and "get the point across that there is an FBI agent behind every mailbox."
Grand juries: Unlike the FBI, the Grand Jury has legal power to make you answer its questions. Those who refuse, and are required to accept immunity from use of their testimony against them, can be jailed for contempt of court. (Such "use immunity" enables prosecutors to get around the constitutional protection against self-incrimination.)
The FBI and the US Dept. of Justice have manipulated this process to turn the grand jury into an instrument of political repression. Frustrated by jurors' consistent refusal to convict activists of overtly political crimes, they convened over 100 grand juries between l970 and l973 and subpoenaed more than 1000 activists from the Black, Puerto Rican, student, women's and anti-war movements. Supposed pursuit of fugitives and "terrorists" was the usual pretext. Many targets were so terrified that they dropped out of political activity. Others were jailed without any criminal charge or trial, in what amounts to a U.S. version of the political internment procedures employed in South Africa and Northern Ireland.
False arrest and prosecution: COINTELPRO directives cite the Philadelphia FBI's success in having local militants "arrested on every possible charge until they could no longer make bail" and "spent most of the summer in jail." Though the bulk of the activists arrested in this manner were eventually released, some were convicted of serious charges on the basis of perjured testimony by FBI agents, or by co-workers who the Bureau had threatened or bribed.
The object was not only to remove experienced organizers from their communities and to divert scarce resources into legal defense, but even more to discredit entire movements by portraying their leaders as vicious criminals. Two victims of such frame-ups, Native American activist Leonard Peltier and l960s' Black Panther official Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt, have finally gained court hearings on new trial motions.
Others currently struggling to re-open COINTELPRO convictions include Richard Marshall of the American Indian Movement and jailed Black Panthers Herman Bell, Anthony Bo:Pom, Albert Washington (the "NY3"), and Richard "Dhoruba" Moore.
Intimidation: One COINTELPRO communique urged that "The Negro youths and moderates must be made to understand that if they succumb to revolutionary teaching, they will be dead revolutionaries."
Others reported use of threats (anonymous and overt) to terrorize activists, driving some to abandon promising projects and others to leave the country. During raids on movement offices, the FBI and police routinely roughed up activists and threatened further violence. In August, 1970, they forced the entire staff of the Black Panther office in Philadelphia to march through the streets naked.
Instigation of violence: The FBI's infiltrators and anonymous notes and phone calls incited violent rivals to attack Malcolm X, the Black Panthers,and other targets. Bureau records also reveal maneuvers to get the Mafia to move against such activists as black comedian Dick Gregory.
A COINTELPRO memo reported that "shootings, beatings and a high degree of unrest continue to prevail in the ghetto area of southeast San is felt that a substantial amount of the unrest is directly attributable to this program."
Covert aid to right-wing vigilantes: In the guise of a COINTELPRO against "white hate groups," the FBI subsidized, armed, directed and protected the Klu Klux Klan and other right-wing groups, including a "Secret Army Organization" of California ex-Minutemen who beat up Chicano activists, tore apart the offices of the San Diego Street Journal and the Movement for a Democratic Military, and tried to kill a prominent anti-war organizer. Puerto Rican activists suffered similar terrorist assaults from anti-Castro Cuban groups organized and funded by the CIA.
Defectors from a band of Chicago-based vigilantes known as the "Legion of Justice" disclosed that the funds and arms they used to destroy book stores, film studios and other centers of opposition had secretly been supplied by members of the Army's ll3th Military Intelligence Group.
Assassination: The FBI and police were implicated directly in murders of Black and Native American leaders. In Chicago, police assassinated Black Panthers Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, using a floor plan supplied by an FBI informer who apparently also had drugged Hampton's food to make him unconscious during the raid.
FBI records show that this accomplice received a substantial bonus for his services. Despite an elaborate cover-up, a blue-ribbon commission and a U.S Court of Appeals found the deaths to be the result not of a shootout, as claimed by police, but of a carefully orchestrated, Vietnam-style "search and destroy mission".
l. Establish security procedures appropriate to your group's level of activity and discuss them thoroughly with everyone involved. Control access to keys, files, letterhead, funds, financial records, mailing lists, etc. Keep duplicates of valuable documents. Safeguard address books, and do not carry them when arrest is likely.
2. Careful records of break-ins, thefts, bomb threats, raids, arrests, strange phone noises (not always taps or bugs), harassment, etc. will help you to discern patterns and to prepare reports and testimony.
3. Don't talk to the FBI. Don't let them in without a warrant. Tell others that they came. Have a lawyer demand an explanation and instruct them to leave you alone.
4. If an activist does talk, or makes some other honest error, explain the harm that could result. But do not attempt to ostracize a sincere person who slips up. Isolation only weakens a person's ability to resist. It can drive someone out of the movement and even into the arms of the police.
5. If the FBI starts to harass people in your area, alert everyone to refuse to cooperate (see box). Call the Movement Support Network's Hotline:(2l2) 614-6422. Set up community meetings with speakers who have resisted similar harassment elsewhere. Get literature, films, etc. through the organizations listed in the back of this pamphlet. Consider "Wanted" posters with photos of the agents, or guerilla theater which follows them through the city streets.
6. Make a major public issue of crude harassment, such as tampering with your mail. Contact your congressperson. Call the media. Demonstrate at your local FBI office. Turn the attack into an opportunity for explaining how covert intervention threatens fundamental human rights.
7. Many people find it easier to tell an FBI agent to contact their lawyer than to refuse to talk. Once a lawyer is involved, the Bureau generally pulls back, since it has lost its power to intimidate. If possible, make arrangements with a local lawyer and let everyone know that agents who visit them can be referred to that lawyer. If your group engages in civil disobedience or finds itself under intense police pressure, start a bail fund, train some members to deal with the legal system, and develop an ongoing relationship with a sympathetic local lawyer.
8. Community education is important, along with legal, financial,child care, and other support for those who protect a movementby refusing to divulge information about it. If a respected activistis subpoenaed for obviously political reasons, consider trying toarrange for sanctuary in a local church or synagogue.
9. While the FBI and police are entirely capable of fabricating criminal charges, your non-political law violations (such as drugs) make it easier for them to set you up. The point is not to get so up-tight and paranoid that you can't function, but to make a realistic assessment based on your visibility and other pertinent circumstances.
10. Upon hearing of Fred Hampton's murder, the Black Panthers in Los Angeles fortified their offices and organized a communications network to alert the community and news media in the event of a raid. When the police did attempt an armed assault four days later, the Panthers were able to hold off the attack until a large community and media presence enabled them to leave the office without casualties. Similar preparation can help other groups that have reason to expect right-wing or police assaults.
11. Make sure your group designates and prepares other members to step in if leaders are jailed or otherwise incapacitated. The more each participant is able to think for herself or himself and take responsibility, the better will be the group's capacity to cope with crises.
A BROAD-BASED STRATEGY: No one existing political organization or movement is strong enough, by itself, to mobilize the public pressure required to significantly limit the ability of the FBI, CIA and police to subvert our work. Some activists oppose covert intervention because it violates fundamental constitutional rights. Others stress how it weakens and interferes with the work of a particular group or movement. Still others see covert action as part of a political and economic system which is fundamentally flawed. Our only hope is to bring these diverse forces together in a single, powerful alliance.
Such a broad coalition cannot hold together unless it operates with clearly-defined principles. The coalition as a whole will have to oppose covert intervention on certain basic grounds--such as the threat to democracy, civil liberties and social justice, leaving its members free to put forward other objections and analyses in their own names. Participants will need to refrain from insisting that only their views are "politically correct" and that everyone else has "sold out."
Above all, we will have to resist the government's maneuvers to divide us by moving against certain groups, while subtly suggesting that it will go easy on the others, if only they dissociate themselves from those under attack. This strategy is evident in the recent Executive Order and Guidelines, which single out for infiltration and disruption people who support liberation movements and governments that defy U.S. hegemony or who entertain the view that it may at times be necessary to break the law in order to effectuate social change.
DIVERSE TACTICS: For maximum impact, local and national coalitions will need a multi-faceted approach which effectively combines a diversity of tactics, including:
l. Investigative research to stay on top of, and document, just what the FBI, CIA and police are up to.
2. Public education through forums, rallies, radio and TV, literature, film, high school and college curricula, wallposters, guerilla theater, and whatever else proves interesting and effective.
3. Legislative lobbying against administration proposals to strengthen covert work, cut back public access to information, punish government "whistle-blowers", etc. Coalitions in some cities and states have won legislative restrictions on surveillance and covert action. The value of such victories will depend our ability to mobilize continuing, vigilant public pressure for effective enforcement.
4. Support for the victims of covert intervention can reduce somewhat the harm done by the FBI, CIA and police. Organizing on behalf of grand jury resisters, political prisoners, and defendants in political trials offers a natural forum for public education about domestic covert action.
5. Lawsuits may win financial compensation for some of the people harmed by covert intervention. Class action suits, which seek a court order (injunction) limiting surveillance and covert action in a particular city or judicial district, have proved a valuable source of information and publicity. They are enormously expensive, however, in terms of time and energy as well as money. Out-of-court settlements in some of these cases have given rise to bitter disputes which split coalitions apart, and any agreement is subject to reinterpretation or modification by increasingly conservative, administration-oriented federal judges.
The US Court of Appeals in Chicago has ruled that the consent decree against the FBI there affects only operations based "solely on the political views of a group or an individual," for which the Bureau can conjure no pretext of a "genuine concern for law enforcement."
6. Direct action, in the form of citizens' arrests, mock trials, picketlines, and civil disobedience, has recently greeted CIA recruiters on a number of college campuses. Although the main focus has been on the Agency's international crimes, its domestic activities have also received attention. Similar actions might be organized to protest recruitment by the FBI and police, in conjunction with teach-ins and other education about domestic covert action. Demonstrations against Reagan's attempts to bolster covert intervention, or against particular FBI, CIA or police operations, could also raise public consciousness and focus activists' outrage.
PROSPECTS: Previous attempts to mobilize public opposition, especially on a local level, indicate that a broad coalition, employing a multi-faceted approach, may be able to impose some limits on the government's ability to discredit and disrupt our work. It is clear, however, that we currently lack the power to eliminate such intervention. While fighting hard to end domestic covert action, we need also to study the forms it takes and prepare ourselves to cope with it as effectively as we can.
Above all, it is essential that we resist the temptation to so preoccupy ourselves with repression that we neglect our main work. Our ability to resist the government's attacks depends ultimately on the strength of our movements. So long as we continue to advocate and organize effectively, no manner of intervention can stop us.

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Spy Games

Just in case you missed it, I am being followed around the city and being spied on in unspeakable ways.

I have for fun decided to do a couple of things with my little uncoordinated and at times directionally challenged spy force.

I can't list all the games here, cause that would ruin my fun, but I can list a couple.
Oh and before I do that, I should hand out the worst spy of the year awards.
The masticating of the eyes. Can we please train the spy force a little bit better on this. Some do it really really well, but others are just so bad at it I really want to pull them aside and give them retraining. Did they really have training or did someone pull them aside and then say hey this is how you do this this and that, and then throw them out there, because that really seems to be the case with some of these people.

Again why my assets have been of interest for the last several years I have no idea, but that does not mean we can not play games with them none the less.
1. Spies love to go for a walk, just like dogs or other animals they do not like to stay couped up in the house too much and so you really need to take them for a walk. One day when you have time, and you really want to see how challenged they are, take your suburban spies out for a walk.

I usually will once a month, yes unlike dogs, you don't have to walk them twice a day, they are much easier to maintain that way. So anyways, I usually will take mine for a walk from one end of the city to the next. We will stop to see the sites, I will make several stops to help them regroup themselves. Since they at times can be slow moving, and they will at times throw in an elderly person, so to be fair, I will make several stops.
But I take them all over the place. We go on walks and all sorts of things. It's fun they love it, it give them a chance to work off some of those spy pounds they have acquired the whole time, sitting on their assess waiting for their spy phones, pages and other tech devices to let them know what to do.
So if you are a target, be nice think twice and take your targets out for a walk.

2. Freak out a spy today. Now because spies are overly psychotic and a little neurotic, oh wait that should say a lot neurotic, then it's pretty easy to freak them out and watch the expressions on their faces. Now don't do anything too outrageous. Eg. For fun however I just recently told M. the spy assigned to sit beside me at work that a huge explosion happened right outside the window where he was sitting in the sky, while his back was turned on the half an hour call that he took. Now aside from the earth shaking blast, the windows shattering, the debris, the fire trucks, the sonic rumblings, which you think he would have noticed this right, and realise that I was obviously joking and trying to freak him out? Apparently not. So after watching the end of the world look on his face, I had to seriously roll my eyes and recant what I had said. It's nice to have fun with them, it's not nice to mentally scar them, (least not much.) Perps are people too. Sure they don't think that we are people, but that does not mean that we have to sink to their level.

I think that M. is taking his spy job pretty seriously. I think M. might have been a target at one stage, and is now a perp. Sad but true. This is what happens to you if you succumb to the evil empire. They will use you to hurt other targets. Anyways, so yes, games that mess with their mental acumen, or lack their of is ok, but let's try not to push it too far.
There are other games that can be played with the spy force, but that is just a couple. If you are a target or you know someone who is, then write in and tell me about your favorite games to play with targets to keep them on their toes and to keep other targets amused while we try to get through these trying times.

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